In the blending world, one blender that can keep the whole nutrition of the food is the Nutribullet blender. And this feature makes this blender popular to the people. If you want to eat the whole nutrition of the food then you can buy a Nutribullet blender. Nutribullet has different models, and Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet 900 are two of them. This guide will discuss the details of these two Nutribullet blenders.

Continue reading the whole guide, and then make your decision on which Nutribullet you want to buy.

Nutribullet 600 vs 900: The Comparison

Nutribullet 600 is the original Nutribullet blender and then the second best is the Nutribullet 900. They both have some differences and similarities and below are the details of them.

Motor power

We think you can guess the motor power from the name of these blenders. Well, the Nutribullet original has the 600w motor power, on the other hand, the Nutribullet 900 provides 900w motor. So it’s obvious the 900w is more powerful than the 600w motor.

But they both are great to make nutritious foods. You can load up both blenders with the whole fruits or vegetables and the blenders will provide you a nutritious food in no time.

As the Nutribullet 900 is more powerful than the 600, so we’d suggest you choose the Nutribullet 900.

The Blades

These two Nutribullet has very powerful blades that can extract nutrition in no time. They create cyclonic action and you can add any toughest items to the cups but the blades are sharp and they will give you a glass of smooth smoothie, protein shakes or nut butter. The blades provide you to make virtually anything. When handling the blades, be very careful as they are sharp.

Foods that you can make with them

When it comes to eating, you should not compromise the nutrition facts. That’s because nutrition is very important to our health. Nutribullet can make different types of food, also, it can keep the whole nutrition. You can make smoothies, juices, nut butter, milkshakes, soups, hummus, baby food, and many more things.

There’s no difference between these two blenders when it comes to using the blender for the versatile purposes. You can choose either the Nutribullt 600 or the Nutribullet 900.


You will get some handy accessories with the Nutribullet 600 and 900 blenders. And these two blenders are different in accessories, so let’s see what are these accessories. Nutribullet 600 comes with – pocket nutritionist, user manual (contains many recipes), 1 stay-fresh lid, 1 handled comfort lip ring, 1 short cup, 1 tall cup, 1 extractor blade, and 1 high torque power base.

Nutribullet 900 comes with – recipe book, 2 lip ring with handle, 2 lip ring, 2 to-go lid, 32-oz cups (2), extractor blade, and 900w motor base.     

If you want more accessories then choose the Nutribullet 900 blender.


Nutribullet comes in different colors and this is a great feature for people who are always looking for different colors in the blender. Nutribullet 900 provides more color variations rather than Nutribullet 600 blender. Nutribullet 900 pro has 11 color options, on the other hand, Nutribullet 600 has only 2 colors.

When choosing the blender color, remember, the price of the blender varies depending on the color. So you should also consider the budget of a blender.


After each use of the blender, it is a must to clean it properly. These two Nutribullet blenders provide you a hassle-free clean. The cleaning process is the same for these blenders, first, twist off the blade and then add the dishwasher to the cup and then rinse with water. The ease of the clean makes the Nutribullet popular to the people. So they both provide the same cleaning convenience to their users.

Size and weight

The blender size and weight are other things to consider when it comes to buying a blender. To any kitchen counter, these two Nutribullet blenders are easy to fit. And compared to Nutribullet 900, the Nutribullet 600 is light in weight. Nutribullet 600 is 7.7 lbs in weight, on the flip side, Nutribullet 900 is 11.4 lbs in weight.

If you need to move your blender often then you can choose Nutribullet 600, and if you don’t need to move the blender then you can choose the Nutribullet 900.


When it comes to warranty, these two Nutribullet blenders are the same. Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet 900 pro provide a 1-year warranty. These two blenders come with a year of the warranty, they can last for 3 to 4 years. All you just need to make sure you are taking good care of these two blenders.

When you take proper care of the blender, you can eat healthy foods in no time.


Determine the budget first before you are on the market for buying a blender. Nutribullet 600 is less pricey compared to Nutribullet 900 blender. There are some reason why the Nutribullet 900 is expensive. Nutribullet has many colors, it provides some of the accessories that don’t have the Nutribullet 600, and the motor power is high rather than Nutribullet 600.

If you are not on a budget, and looking for a high-quality blender then choose the Nutribullet 900 over the Nutribullet 600. But if the budget is an issue then you choose the Nutribullet 600. Both blenders are great in their own ways.

Summing up

So you have read the whole article? Now you have a clear idea about these two Nutribullet blenders. Which Nutribullet blender did you decide to buy? If you are still unsure, then we’d suggest buying the Nutribullet 900 pro blender for your kitchen. As it has some of the best features that the Nutri 600 doesn’t have. Nutribullet 600 is the original Nutribullet, and the pro is the Nutribullet 900.

These two Nutribullet blenders are the best to keep the whole nutrition of the food. Though we said to choose the Nutri 900, the decision is yours which one you would like to buy.