Frequently Asked Questions on Air Fryer

🤔 Is an air fryer worth it?

🅰️ An air fryer can cook food way faster. Sometimes it is said to be the magic instrument of the cook. It makes your food delicious and doesn’t take up that much space like the fridge in the kitchen. And also the food that your making in your fryer is making is healthy. This should just be enough to say that your air fryer is worth it.

🤔 Is air fryer better than an oven?

🅰️ This one is quite tricky. But I will give you my opinion. Both of these devices have their pros and cons. Air fryer takes less time and also allows for different cooking techniques to achieve a variety of tastes. The oven allows to cook the food so good and also for a large portion of it. So it is quite right to say that they both are good and different roles to their standard of perfection.

🤔 Are air fryers toxic?

🅰️ If you are sensible in the use of air fryer and maintaining the guideline properly, you should not suffer any toxicity. However, it has been said that when you clean your device after use it may result in mild stomach aches. This is because the food remnants in the fryer are no longer fresh. So you should be sensible in this case.

🤔 Does air fryer make food crispy?

🅰️ They make the food as crispier as you can imagine. If you are wanting that tender crunch which just dissolves between the teen? Or you are desiring for crunchiest crunch and a dash of black pepper, garlic and coriander just for that extra adventure? An air fryer does this kind of job way too much perfectly. Also, it depends on the style of cooking that you are going to apply.