Frequently Asked Questions on Range Hood

🤔 Can the bulbs be replaced?

🅰️ People get amazed by the clarity and brilliance of LED lights. You should only use the type of bulb that is recommended for your range hood. It is not certain to replace energy bulbs. You will need proper guidance for this. Reading the manual of the device can help you in solving this problem. This is very essential with the maintenance of the range hood indeed.

🤔 How often should I keep it cleaned?

🅰️ You want to keep each of your kitchen appliances clean. For this, you should clean your range hood after every use. Try to make sure that you have taken the plug off before cleaning it. Cleaning will not allow any dirt particles to remain in the device. Also, try to wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning. This is also necessary. Proper cleaning is the key to keeping any product maintained.

🤔 Why fan speeds up while cooking?

🅰️ For some of the range hoods, they have an advanced feature of turning on a blower fan to reduce the excessive heat while cooking. This will prolong the life of the hood by reducing the damaging effects of higher temperature issues. Once the temperature comes down the blower fan will automatically turn off. So if you find any fan suddenly starting blowing in your range hood don’t get scared. It is an additional feature of some modern range hoods.

🤔 Which is better? Ducted or None Ducted?

🅰️ Ducted ones are preferable for home uses. None ducted hoods have attributes that suit it for use outside of the home. So depending on the use you will have to choose yours. And then maintain them accordingly. Also, don’t try to mix things up. Do what is only required. Try not to overdo things.