Frequently Asked Questions on Vacuum Sealer

🤔 How to save the sealer from the freezer burn?

🅰️ You can prevent the freezer burn just by using a paper towel to blot off as much surface moisture from foods as possible before putting it in the vacuum bag again. This may seem quite simple but it is very effective in solving this problem. In the maintenance of a vacuum sealer, the manual of this device can also play a vital role.

🤔 Can I reuse the vacuum seal bags?

🅰️ In most of the cases, you can reuse the seal bags more than once just by rinsing them. If you have used your vacuum seal bag to store raw meat you should not try to reuse it again. This is because the small microbes may stay in the creases and they can affect the other things that you will keep in next time. So you have to be aware of these things before reusing the bags again.

🤔 Is microwaving vacuum-sealed food safe?

🅰️ Most of the vacuum sealers have this attribute. But in the case of doing it with liquids, you have to be aware of the fact that the liquid may get hot and burn the bags. As a result, the main purpose of the bag may go in vain. And the bag would get wasted resulting in a waste of money. So, you want to be very careful in maintaining the vacuum sealers.

🤔 What kind of foods can be sealed?

🅰️ You can preserve almost all kinds of food and fruits, vegetables, chickens, seafood, nuts, soups, flours, sugars and more. You also can vacuum seal cooked foods. Try to remember that you are not mixing the raw food with cooked once. These are simple measures to keep your sealer maintained. Try to follow these accordingly.

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