Top 10 Best Wall Mount Range Hoods Under $300- Unbiased Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2024

Wall Mount Range Hoods

When it comes to kitchen cooking, you already know the hassle of dealing with smoke, fume & odor. In worse cases, it becomes difficult to stay in the kitchen which eventually affects your health badly. Modern science comes with range hoods to address this problem and ease your job in the kitchen. If you are looking forward to remodeling or re-furnish the kitchen, it is high time you install one.

Among others, wall-mounted ones gained very popularity over low cost & simplicity. Despite its underrating, stylish users go for this to induce additional home décor. Among numerous models, it becomes a hard task to find the best wall mount range hood. Therefore, we are here with the best wall mount range hood reviews with the ultimate 10 you should check out without bumping the budget. Each of the chosen offer incredible performance against the value and serves your purpose quite well.

Range Hood Definition

A range hood basically extracts the kitchen smoke & odor that takes place while cooking. The general unit consists of canopy/capturing area and fan/blower. Capturing the polluted & heated smoke resulting from the stove, it circulates & maintains fresh air in the kitchen. With great functionality, range hoods have become one essential appliance for modern kitchens.

Among the common types of range hoods – wall mounted & under-cabinet ones are the most popular. It is due to their easy installation, convenient décor, smooth functionality & quality construction in lower price tag. Meanwhile, there are ceiling-mounted hoods, wall ventilating fans & downdrafts ventilation hoods available for consideration. Though these generally come with a higher price tag, they offer better décor than others.

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Comparison of the Models

Our Top Picks

Now, let’s get down to the review section where we broke down the choices to attenuating details. Expert analysis & customer reviews will help you to understand the features and relevant benefits for each one. Start scrolling and pick your ultimate kitchen gear to deal with the heat, fumes & odors.

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Broan-NuTone 403001 Range Hood Insert with Light

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 6” (D) X 17.5” (W) X 30” (H)
  • Special Feature: Manual
  • Finish Type: Brushed
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Air Flow Capacity: 210 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent
  • Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Wattage: 75 watts

Getting an overhead light with the exhaust fan, you will have the best solution to the kitchen ventilation requirements. This under-cabinet insertion by Broan-NuTone comes with versatility & performance to ensure the best quality airflow.

Features & Benefits

Perfect Fitting Size for Cabinet
The 30” hood is long enough to cover a reasonable space. The unit is lightweight, so no big hassle while installing the unit. Installation of the insert above 18” of the stove will provide the best ventilation output.
Powerful Motor Production
Featuring polymeric blades for a two-speed &a rocker-type fan, it operates at 160 CFM & 6.5 Sones. Therefore, quick removal of smokes & odors prevails all along.
Effective Lighting Assistance
The lamp lens requires a 75-watt bulb (not included) that comes with proper control. The protective lamp induces an even distribution over the stove-top.
Bi-directional Duct Functionality
Effective removal of cooking smoke & production of fresh air is possible through the bi-directional duct. It basically serves either horizontally or vertically.
Easy Maintenance with Surfacing
With aluminum grease filter & built-in damper, the stainless steel construction permits a smooth surface. Being dishwasher safe, the maintenance is easy enough.
  • Excellent fitting under kitchen cabinets.
  • Supportive lighting with even distribution.
  • Non-ducted filtration for better result.
  • Quiet & consistent operational output.
  • Hemmed bottom, mitered side for safety.
  • No rectangular back vent is present.
  • Higher fan speed generates noise.


Enhancement of the kitchen condition is a guarantee while cooking on the stove. Though it is not very rich with features, it provides satisfactory service for the bucks.

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Broan-NuTone 403004 ADA Capable Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimensions: 17.5” (D) X 6” (W) X 30” (H)
  • Special Feature: Manual
  • Air Flow Capacity: 160 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Material: Metal
  • Installation Method: Over Range
  • Sound Level: 6.5 Sones
  • Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 120 V

With the betterment of features, this is one of the best wall mount range hoods 2020 that can meet the ventilation requirements of the kitchen at once. Not to mention, this versatile creation of Broan-NuTone 403000 series comes with upgrades of the previous model.

Features & Benefits

Reasonable Ducting Vent
There comes 3.25” x 10” ducting vent which allows better ventilation over the stove. Offering a horizontal/vertical discharging facility, you will have the performance.
Superb Construction Quality
With a stainless steel frame, the unit induces incredible durability & sturdiness. Through the aluminum grease filtration, cleaning the hood is quite easy.
Ergonomic Fitting Size
Like the previous one, it also comes with 30” length to cover a convenient kitchen space. With proper fitting under the cabinet, it creates fresh air removing the smoke& odor.
Excellent Lighting Support
Requiring a 75-watt bulb (not included), the lamp lens induces a suitable lighting facility while cooking. The protective lens provides an even distribution all over the covered place.
Incredible Operational Facilities
Functioning at 6.5 Sone with 160 CFM, you will obviously receive an effective insertion. Using the control switches (for both fan & light), operating this hood is incredibly simple.
  • High-quality construction materials.
  • Protective lighting facility with control.
  • Dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.
  • Reasonable fitting size under cabinets.
  • Permanent lubrication of the motor.
  • Aluminum filter has flimsy fitting.
  • Automated functionality is absent.


Fairly basic functionality, yet excellent kitchen environment comes for the output at once. You can take the chances for a convenient kitchen improvement within its reasonable price.

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Broan-NuTone Broan F403023 Two-Speed Four-Way Convertible Range Hood

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 6” (D) X 17.5” (W) X 30” (H)
  • Special Feature: Recirculation
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Installation Method: Under Cabinet Mount
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Sound Level: 6.5 Sones
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent
  • Duct Direction: Horizontal/Vertical

With the greater quality & superior construction, the one from our best wall mount range hood reviews is the most perfect for almost any kind of applications. This one from Broan-NuTone 400000 series is the perfect combination of features for improved kitchen ventilation.

Features & Benefits

Superior Design for Frame
Having a black exterior, the design looks incredible under the kitchen cabinet. Stainless steel body induces a good strength & support against the common rigors.
Convenient Duct Opening
The 3.25” x 10” duct size that discharges vertical/horizontal direction. Meanwhile, a 7” round steel plate allows a convenient vertical ducting. You can also go for non-ducted functionality upon necessity.
Easy Operation & Control
Featuring control switches for the light & two fans, you can induce the perfect cooking circumstance. Good control over the operation will help you to get a better output.
Supportive Lighting System
Regarding the lighting, the lens supports a 75-watt bulb (not included) like the previous ones. The protective lamp offers even lighting.
Simple Maintenance Tasks
The aluminum grease filter with smooth surfacing makes it easy to go for cleanups. Being dishwasher safe, no-hassle over washing the exterior side.
  • Superb black exterior with finishing.
  • Mitered sides, hemmed bottom design.
  • Ducting in four different ways is possible.
  • Uniform lighting through control switch.
  • Simple cleanups with dishwasher safety.
  • Manual knocking of exhausting hole.
  • Light cover is considerably flimsy.


Although it’s not exactly a good fashion statement, you will get a good design for the kitchen. Offering the basic features to meet your satisfaction, the price is worth your investment.

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Broan-NuTone 423004 Range Hood

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 17.5” (D) X 6” (W) X 30” (H)
  • Special Feature: Easy to Clean
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Air Flow Capacity: 190 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Sound Level: 6.0 Sones
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Installation Method: Under Cabinet Mount
  • Usage: ADA-compliant
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent

With the advancement of features alongside the quality, the 400000 series induces a great tool for ventilation here. In fact, this hood by Broan-NuTone comes with further versatility & ergonomics in every aspect than its previous models.

Features & Benefits

Convenient Frame with Longevity
The mainframe is of high-quality steel that offers maximum durability against frequent uses. The strong frame imparts sufficient sturdiness with the least drawbacks.
Greater Performance & Efficiency
With 6 Sone & a boosting 190 CFM, the output is simply outstanding. It results in quick removal of odors, smokes from the kitchen and therefore, induces a fresher condition.
Perfect Fitting Size for the Kitchen
Being a standard 30” unit in length, the insert suits your kitchen. The overall size holds good for common home kitchen cabinets which provides a great fitting.
Optimum Control Using Switches
Featuring two different fans alongside the light, the machine permits a reasonable control. There are maneuverable switches through which controlling the facilities are easy.
Easy Caring with Less Maintenance
With aluminum greased filter, smooth surfacing & dishwasher safety, least maintenance is your requirement. The overall combination results in easy cleanups encouraging a comfortable use.
  • Lightweight, yet durable construction.
  • Convenient shape with regular fitting size.
  • Supporting light facility (bulb not included).
  • Integrated 7” round & vertical steel duct.
  • Built-in adapter of 7” length for the hood.
  • There is no damper or vent shaft.
  • Poor tapering prevents good fitting.


Functionality is reasonably okay for this machine, not being the best or worst either. With a budget-friendly price tag, the basic features can meet your satisfaction level for sure.

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Broan-Nutone F402404 Convertible Range Hood Insert

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 6” (D) X 17.5” (W) X 24” (H)
  • Special Feature: Re-circulation
  • Air Flow Capacity: 190 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Certification: Energy Star
  • Sound Level: 6.5 Sones
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Included Components: 10” damper/adapter, 7” round adapter

Despite having a shorter length than the previous convertible models, it can reach the best level of our satisfaction through its incredible quality. This is one great Broan-NuTone construction that offers an incredible combination of features all the way.

Features & Benefits

Compact Construction Size
With a 24” length x 6” height x 17.5” width, you will have one compact size for the best wall mount stainless steel range hood. The compact size tool easily fits the bottom of the cabinet without any hassle.
Additional Lighting Feature
Lighting the cook-tops, the lamp lens induces a better working condition for you. The protective light (75-Watt, not included) offers even distribution.
Convertibility in 4 Ways
The versatile hood is usable in 4 different ways. You can go for either non-ducted or ducted discharge. For ducted system, you can have 3.25” x 10” horizontal/vertical ducting or 7” solid steel plate for vertical performance either.
Effective Ventilation System
Functioning over a convenient 160 CFM at 2.5 amps requirement, it maximizes the output. No less, the effective production of fresh air takes out all smokes, odors.
Quick Cleaning Facility
Aluminum grease filter alongside the stainless construction induces a dishwasher safe exterior. Therefore, easy cleaning & maintenance is on the way with this unit.
  • Versatile framework with superb longevity.
  • Efficient lighting improves cooking condition.
  • Ducting system permits 4 convertible ways.
  • Convenient output with standard 160 CFM.
  • Dishwasher safe body allows easy cleanups.
  • Poor shipping can induce some damage.
  • Un-sticky cover often tends to fall off.


Considering the functionality, it suits well enough for all sorts of mid-level kitchen works. The price is reasonable against its serviceability and worth your investment.

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Cosmo 5MU30 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 19.75” (D) X 30” (W) X 5.5” (H)
  • Special Feature: Ductless Conversion (With Optional Purchase of Carbon Filter Kit, Part # CFK4), Energy efficient motor, High Efficiency LED Lights, Noise Control, Powerful Exhaust, Multi-layer Mesh Filters
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 51 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
  • Noise: 56 dB
  • Installation Type: Under Cabinet Mount
  • Control Console: Push Button Controls
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Material: Stainless Steel

With outstandingly stylish design & greater ventilating functionality, this ergonomic kitchen unit serves your purpose quite well. Adding a professional décor to the kitchen cabinet, this one by Cosmo is what you need to get a bold, distinct flair.

Features & Benefits

Highly durable through Sturdy Body
20 gauged stainless steel with 430-grade makes the frame unparalleled in service. The heavy-duty frame withstands the kitchen rigors fine to enhance the durability.
Powerful Construction without Noise
Featuring a powerful combination of 3-speed motors working at 200 CFM, it gives the best efficiency. Producing a maximum of 56 dB noise even at the highest level, the machine is incredibly quiet for the kitchen.
Space Saving Framework
Having the standard 30” size, the profile is sleek and fits most home cabinets and even walls. Allowing top as well as back venting, the unit suits perfectly for condo & apartment uses.
Allows Multi-Layered Filtration
With the built-in aluminum mesh filters, you can go for seizing all the oils & greases. Being reusable, the multi-layered system offers further convenience in trapping unwanted debris.
Incredible Neutralizing Capacity
Effective suction neutralizes all the smells & odors from the kitchen at once. Cleaning the airborne viruses & toxins, this one will keep your respiratory system safe.
  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Effective for fumes, pollutant & odors.
  • Powerful output with the least noise.
  • Quick & safe trapping of grease & oil.
  • Easy switching for ductless operation.
  • Instructions are difficult to implement.
  • Installation requires extra considerations.


Great functionality & design are on the way over a reasonable price with this unit. If you can settle down for the drawbacks, you can have a powerful kitchen ventilation service for sure.

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Broan 424201 ADA Capable Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 17.5” (D) X 6” (W) X 42” (H)
  • Special Feature: Easy to Clean
  • Air Flow Capacity: 190 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Sound Level: 6 Sones
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Style: No Damper
  • Mounting Type: Under Cabinet Mount

Offering effective kitchen ventilation apart from excellent constructability, this unit from the best wall mount range hood reviews is obviously a great one worth checking out. The under-cabinet system provides incredible efficiency in generating a favorable cooking environment.

Features & Benefits

Stable Construction with Permanence
Having a stainless steel core for the framework, the construction is highly durable in every aspect. Being stable & sturdy, it serves for long to give you satisfaction.
Large Sized Body for Further Coverage
With 42” length alongside standard width & height, the hood offers an incredibly larger coverage area. Therefore, you can enjoy better ventilation over the stovetop.
Reasonably Powerful & Convenient Output
Through 6.0 Sone at 190 CFM, you are likely to get optimum output efficiency. This is quite powerful regarding kitchen circumstance, considering the size & intended application.
Supporting Lamp with Even Lighting
There is supporting lamp facility with the switching system, though the 75-watt bulb is not included. The lamp has a protective cover and encourages even lighting all over.
Dishwasher Safety for Maintenance
The aluminum filter catches the grease with utmost efficiency here. Combining the dishwasher safe part with the steel body, you can enjoy quick & easy maintenance.
  • Excellent framework with quality materials.
  • Powerful lighting provides additional support.
  • Inclusion of a built-in adapter with 7” length.
  • Stable body with least maintenance works.
  • Convenient suction rate for better performance.
  • Only vertical ducting is possible.
  • Poor shipping quality is a concern.


Being a great kitchen stove-top assistant, the performance is quite reliable and satisfactory. The price point is considerably perfect for the unit for you to consider.

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Broan-NuTone 423001 Convertible Range Hood Insert

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 17.5” (D) X 6” (W) X 30” (H)
  • Special Feature: Easy to Clean
  • Finish Type: White
  • Material: Steel
  • Installation Method: Under Cabinet Mount
  • Air Flow Capacity:  190 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent
  • Sound Level: 6 Sones
  • Certification: ada

From the 400000 series, the best ones come over to serve you with a genuine performance alongside the excellent constructability. This hood insert provides sufficient ergonomics to keep your kitchen environment fresh & healthy all the way.

Features & Benefits

Slim Construction
The versatile construction comes with a sleek profile to suit under the kitchen cabinet. Having a stainless steel frame, it comes with incredibly great durability & strength.
Ideal Light Support
Apart from the air suction, you will receive a supporting lamp to illuminate the stove-top. The 75-watt bulb support (not included) offer even lighting through the protective lens.
Convenient Performance
With 6.0 Sone for 190 CFM, it induces quick removal of smoked air & odor. Therefore, almost instantaneous generation of fresh air to boost the cooking efficiency for you.
Standard 30” Fitting
Measuring 30” in length, the size comes ideal for standard cabinets. So, you will have the right shape & size to install without worrying about the fitting for the kitchen.
Excellent Cleanup Facility
Through the filtration system, you can have a great cleanup facility. The aluminum imparts dishwasher safety for you to grab the unwanted greases & oil.
  • Powerful suction imparts efficiency.
  • Sturdy & durable steel construction.
  • Effective trapping of greases & oil.
  • Perfect fitting size for kitchen cabinet.
  • Aluminum filter permits easy cleanup.
  • Hood weight is comparatively high.
  • Only vertical ducting for discharge.


Despite offering only the basic features for the functionality, the performance is great considering the price. Regarding durability & efficiency, it is obviously worth your investment.

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Winflo. 30” Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

Winflo Convertible Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 19.21” (D) X 29.5” (W) X 36.22” (H)
  • Special Feature: Stainless Steel, Adjustable, Led Lights, Energy Saving, Removable
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Airflow Displacement: 400 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Lighting: LED
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control Console: Push Button
  • Noise: 5 Sones

The Winflo. 30” Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood is a friendly option for your wallet. It is a high-quality range hood made of stainless steel, ensuring durability. Also, the range hood is manufactured with a thoughtful design, allowing users to use it easily. With a stylish appearance and powerful performance, it will become an integral part of your kitchen.

Features & Benefits

  • 284 CFM powerful suction operation
  • Push buttons
  • 3-speed fan levels
  • Removable aluminum mesh filters
  • LED lights
  • The suction operation of this hood is incredibly powerful, with 284 CFM at high speed
  • It provides the correct amount of suction as it features 3-speed fan levels
  • The push button ensures easy operation of the unit. You can control the light and fan speed by taking assistance from the buttons
  • This unit consists of 2 energy-saving bright LED lights. Thus, you will never have a dark cooking area.
  • It creates only 65 dB of sound when operating at high speed. Quiet operation offers disturbance-free cooking time.
  • All the necessary components, like mounting and installation hardware, plug and damper, etc., are included with the range hood for effortless installing
  • The device features removable and washable aluminum mesh filters. More importantly, the filter frame is made of stainless steel. So, you can remain worry-free regarding rust after washing it with a dishwasher
  • A high airflow displacement rating confirms a healthy and smell-free environment in the kitchen
  • The metal feels flimsy and thin
  • LEDs are too blue for the kitchen


This is undoubtedly a good range hood for the money. The LED lights are excellent, providing the perfect amount of light to illuminate your cooking area. Installation is extremely effortless; you won’t need any professional help. The vent fan works perfectly and comes with 3 different speed levels to remove grease, smells and oil from your kitchen. Overall, it looks incredibly modern and clean.

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Cosmo 5U30 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimension: 19.75” (D) X 30” (W) X 5.5” (H)
  • Special Feature: Ductless Convertible
  • Finish Type: Stainless Steel
  • Airflow Displacement: 250 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Control Console: Push Button Control
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Noise: 50 dB
  • Filter Type: Durable Reusable Aluminum Mesh Filters

The superior design combines with convenient features to deliver the best kitchen ventilation meeting all your requirements. This unit by Cosmo is rich with basic features that will freshen your cooking space, save your health & increase your stove-top performance.

Features & Benefits

Non-Spacious Construction
With compact size & sleek profile, the construction requires less space of your kitchen. No doubt, it saves your precious stove-top and allows to maintain a better posture.
High-quality Material Framework
430-grade stainless steel with 20-gauged brush induces the best quality building. The steel imparts longevity & strength to serve your purpose for long enough.
Powerful, Efficient Configuration
Through the 3-speed motor, the configuration delivers an incredibly powerful output. Even the maximum 250 CFM works without noise, making it the quietest wall mount range hood.
Incredible Filtration System
The aluminum mesh is multi-layered which encourages the filtration efficiency. The reusable filter grabs the grease without letting stacked to ensure better cooking environment.
Energy-Efficient Light Support
Featuring 2 LED supporting lights, you will receive a better view of the stove-top with uniform illumination while cooking. Each one requires only 1.5 wattage which seems a reasonable deal considering electricity consumption.
  • Heavy-duty materials induce overall durability.
  • Compact size requires less space for installation.
  • Convenient lighting with less energy requirement.
  • Incredibly quiet operation at the highest level.
  • Suitable cleanup through built-in filtering mesh.
  • Brightness of lights is not satisfactory.
  • Quality of the protective plastic is poor.


For the price, you can take it one decorated unit loaded with all the basic features to a good extent. Settling down with the limitations will give you a fresh cooking circumstance without delay.

Buying Guideline

When you want the best quality product, you should take some important factors into consideration. The best range hood for gas stoves is no different from this either. Before you go shopping, knowing these will obviously help to find the most suitable one. Before proceeding, check out the beneficial info that you must need to know.

Size & Construction: Obviously, the very first thing you need to check is the construction. Best ones are of stainless steel, so go for it. In the meantime, proper size & shape can induce décor. You can choose 30” for standard, lower for less spacious kitchen & higher for a larger kitchen.

CFM Rating: The ability to remove the air is measured using CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating. For common kitchens, 160 – 190 CFM holds enough. But a higher rate of CFM suits better for ventilation and holds perfect for the larger sized kitchen.

Exhausting Type: There are both vented & ductless system available, regarding the exhaust. If you want complete removal, then you have to consider the ducted or vented system. Meanwhile, the ductless system permits air filtration rather than air removal.

Filtration System: Grease & oil trapping is one important task of a quality range hood. Aluminum mesh filters are very effective to take care of this problem. So, make sure your choice comes with aluminum mesh filtration.

Lighting Quality: Most of the high-quality ones are associated with lighting support. It offers convenience for cooking to a great extent. The brightness & electric consumption, both need to be considered. In the meantime, check the protective cover where it is of good quality plastic.

Operational Noise: Setting the exhausting fan at higher level tends to create noise. But the lower speed of the fan delivers quiet operation. Just make sure the noise doesn’t exceed the tolerable limit. Poor assembly of the unit and stack of debris can cause problems in this regard.

Installation & Maintenance: Installing the unit without a problem is another considerable issue. Some cheap & poor quality models come with the difficult installation which needs to be avoided. Meanwhile, the hood should require the least & easy maintenance task.

Still wondering about the reasons to buy a range hood? Or need some advanced tips?


This useful item is yet to become an appreciated & obvious for the kitchens, despite its incredible benefits regarding your health & kitchen environment. Range hood does its job pretty well with your everyday cooking when you make the right choice. Going through our best wall mount range hood reviews should you give some good insight about the best-quality products in the market when your budget is limited.

Each one is best considering certain field applications and worth every penny of your investment. We came with the most reliable ones that offer the best features & functionality within its intended price. Pick up the perfect gear for cooking assistance and enjoy the best of fresh air inside the kitchen all the way.

Read out the FAQs if you have any other confusions.

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