Do you love sausage? If that’s the case, then you most likely know a lot about it and excited when you’re sharing it with your loved ones. You would possibly be familiar with a different variation of sausages available at shops. You would possibly have experimented with alternative ways of preparing sausages, and you’ve reached such stage after a good number of trial and error experimentation. After all this trial by fire you may or may not have an especially favorite type.

But if you think you’ve reached nirvana, then you are dead wrong my friend. Good news for you is that you may have just been sampling only one kind of “sausage family” after all.

Every country holds one or more distinctive sausage tradition and puts their twist on the classic meat. Even from a single country, there’s enormous diversity and slightly different variations of sausage. You think you know them all but prepare to be surprised.

  1. France – Andouille
    Originating from Andouillette, this variation was and is highly coarse-grained and noticeably pungent. The traditional version is still popular in France and rarely seen outside. One variation of this was imported into North America by French immigrants who settled in Canada. This eventually reached Louisiana. In the more southern part of America, it became Cajun cooking. Southern Andouille has a much different taste than traditional Andouillette. In the most typical of cases, it is smoked, spiced, made from ground pork, onion. But it stands out most because of its smoky flavor.
  2. Germany – Bratwurst
    You’ve heard this, but no like this. Bratwurst is known for merely a synonym for sausage whereas it is a lot more than that. The name itself has hailed from Old German Phrase that is the sum of “Brat” meaning finely chopped meat and “wurst” just means plain old sausages. It’s been told that actual motivation behind Bratwurst was to use the unused part of pork and for this reason, Bratwurst became popular in then Germany. To use whole pork, many variations of this was introduced in Germany alone. Today Bratwurst is popular around the world there’s more than one way of going about it. Pork would be your prime ingredients, but veal or beef works just as fine coupled with seasoning and spices such as pepper, nutmeg, and sage.
  3. Spain – Chorizo
    Not to be confused with the Mexican variation. They’re quite different. The timeframe began when the Spanish were exploring America. Pork, again, the base meat of chorizo. One beautiful addition was paprika – the vital ingredient. A combination of chili peppers found only in the Americas make paprika. Garlic, Herbs and White wine are added. It is not mandatory to cook chorizo but not unheard of either.
  4. Italy – Italian Sausage
    One of the most popular versions of sausages is the Italian edition. This type of food is called Salsiccia in Italy and is made of meats that have been seasoned heavily with chili and other hot ingredients. Then it is allowed to soak and change the flavor of the meets overnight, and Italian sausage is born.

The Italian sausage is used in America as “centerpiece” of meat-based meals. The common version in America is pork sausage with fennel and as a base seasoning anise mixture is used.