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Indoor Electric Grill

Thinking about throwing a party? You can’t deny one of the very first things that pop in your head is barbeque. It is no doubt the most fun way of getting along and creating a realm of satisfying and delicious meals. Arranging a grill party outdoor often introduces unnecessary hassles.

There may not be enough room in the porch or backyard. Collecting and assembling things are very time consuming and boring. On cold days, you don’t want to stay outside for long. Smoke is another major concern. Though many like smoky flavors, most people don’t prefer staying close.

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A smokeless indoor electric grill removes all these hassles. Now, you can grill your recipes at home. It runs on electricity and saves you from inhaling smoke. An indoor grill is a compact machine that you can place at your countertop or anywhere. It cooks your meat evenly making it taste delicious just like you want. They are very lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean and store. Just prepare your items and recipe, the rest is already taken care of.

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Working Mechanism of an electric grill

  • Most electric grills use infrared technology or an embedded heat panel as a heat source. A coil is heated through electricity that radiates heat or spread through a non-conductive metal panel. Both can provide uniform heat to cook food evenly.
  • Some electric grills have several default heat settings and some provide an adjustable temperature knob to cook as your preference.
  • Some models provide you an upper lid preserving heat and humidity. This makes cooking faster and tastes different.
  • A great timer feature makes your grilling a lot easier. All you have to do is set an exact cooking time, sit back and chill.
  • Below the grill is a drip pad allowing grease and scrape food. It’s a removable tray and easy to clean. If you like smokey flavor like outdoor, electric smokers are available.
  • Some models contain an integrated smoke filter for safety.

Types of Indoor Electric Grill

Electric Open Grill
The open grill consists of a single grilling plate on which you put the food. Using this you have to grill one side at a time.Modelswith a lid offer faster cooking.For those homesteaders who still want the hands-on outdoor grilling experience of tossing meat, an open grill is perfect.
Electric Contact Grill
The contact electric grill is equipped with two grilling plates, one inside the lid and one at the bottom. This style of grill cooks quicker than an open grill and usually comes in a compact size which is a great choice for a smaller countertop, or if you don’t have a lot of storage space.
The contact grill is the best type of Indoor Grill. A contact grill provides ample cooking space with the grilling plates at the top and bottom. The lid is suitable for pressing down for giving an authentic grilledtaste. It also preserves the heat and seals in the cooking juices, giving you perfectly cooked food, while reducing any smoke as well.
Electric Smoker
When comes to the term ‘Smoked Meat’, sometimes we misunderstand it as a different cooking method. Basically, what you do is “grilling”, you are adding an extra flavor that comes from burning woods. Electric smokers are more of the same. It mainly grills the food like other electric grills but with an additional smokey flavor that comes from wood chunks.
There is an extra panel in electric smokers that takes wood logs or chips. While grilling it generates continuous smoke from it. The more you do the cooking slowly, the more you get your flavor.
Electric Griddle
Even though some people use the terms interchangeably, the difference between the two is substantial and easy to understand. Griddles have a smooth, continuous surface while grills have open slats that allow the drainage of grease and produce the telltale grill lines on hamburgers and other food products. As practical as draining grease can be, griddles are ideal for pancakes, flatbreads and just for easy cooking.

Things You Should Consider Buying a Smokeless Electric Grill

If you are shopping for a smokeless indoor grill, here is a few things you should look for.

Consideration1: Size
As with many other grills, the indoor electric grills come in different sizes too. It’s an important factor to consider because you need to get one that suits your family or any particular need. And if you’re uncertain or intend to be throwing in parties, it’s always best to go with a bigger grill.
Consideration 2: Flavor
Frankly, smokeless electric grills maynot offer you the same as old-way charcoal outdoor grills. But it’s the small price to pay when you just have to give a little effort and have the great ease of cleaning and portability. Still, you can always choose various utilities provided to create different flavors and palate. Like you can use electric smokers, liquid smokes, open grill or with a lid or a contact grill,etc.
Consideration 3: Heat Source
It refers to the grill heating component that burns down to cook the meal. For smokeless electric grill, they are mainly infrared and embedded heat panels. Infrared technology supplies uniform heat grilling your food more evenly.Whereas with a thermostat you can sear the steak perfectly giving you a nice brown crust and mouthwatering aroma.
The temperatures of indoor electric grill vary in various rangesdepending on the one you get. Some even go higher than 450 degrees. Electric Grills with higher temperaturesperform greatly for cooking thick steaks.
You should look for the default heat settings or range of adjustable thermostat carefully whether it satisfies your need. The manual that comes up with the grill should refer to these heat settings and their use cases.
Consideration 4: Control and Feature
While preparing a tasty juicy barbeque, we all have different cooking preferences. Like, for some people it involves continuous temperature shifting. Some prefer to grill their steaks at constant heat from time to time.
Cooking the best grillrequires total control of how we cook our food and that also comes down to the grill. There are loads of features in an indoor electric grill that help you cook more perfectly than you would on other grills. Some of these include features like Indicator light, contact griddle, drip trays, aroma center, heat control among others.
For those of us who just want to “sitback and relax” and don’t like sticking with cooking, there is always a nice timer feature. We just have to set the timer with a proper temperature setting. The manual should come up with these constraints for different types of food. Havingthese features will not only make grilling easy but also ensure that you are getting the best BBQ.

How to Use a Smokeless Electric grill

Instructions for First Time Use

To get it to work you need to connect the electric grill to an electrical outlet. After pressing the power button, it will take less than five minutes for an electric grill to heat up. There are electric grill models that come with only one temperature setting appropriate for cooking vegetables and pre-cooked products. The open grill and the contact grill both must be preheated before you try to cook any food in it.

During first use spray cooking oil on the surface. If you have any questions about what temperature to use in your electric grill, setting the temperature at 400 degrees F is safer. Most of the outdoor charcoal grills reach this temperature.

Cooking Tips:

Heat up the grill until the ready LED lights up. Then place your marinated meat or vegetables on the grill. If you like smokey flavor, pour a small amount of liquid smoke over your food. You can set your timer to cook at a fixed temperature for a particular time depending on the item.

According to the dimension, cooking module, price, surface area, components and all the features each of the indoor grills is the best from their sector. If I had to choose, I would go for the Cuisinart. But why?

Though its price is a little high, Cuisinart will meet your demand at a logical price tag. 6 ways of cooking modules with 240 square inches cooking surface, warming up to 450°F, within 12 minutes reaching operating temperature are brought together by Cuisinart with an unbelievable price tag.

On contact grill, place your food middle of the lower panel and close the upper panel and lock it properly. Note that it takes less time to cook vegetables and pre-cooked food products than raw meat. Electric grills may require to cook food a little longer than other grills. Keep an eye over your timer and adjust the thermostat as your preference.

These indoor grills you can save your time by a much quicker action. Also, they are much easy to clean for the behavior of the surface, preventing any element stick to the grill. But Multiple modes, automated cooking programs, advanced predictability are not available on all the devices. It is said that excellent services require a higher cost.

Some Safety tips:

  • Open grills get very hot and can be a fire hazard. Manage the heat setting carefully.
  • Place your grill at high position cleared of all clutter.
  • Don’t leave any paper, plastic or dry items near to it.
  • Never use an open grill with excessive grease and don’t put it near to any liquid fuel.
  • For clamshell contact grill, close the upper lid properly because it is also highly heated up.

As you have to clean up this and you want an easy wash technique. So before buying check the edges and corners to decide it is possible to clean the whole thing in an easy wash. Read the maintenance guide to know more.

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Our favorite Grilling mainly includes hot dogs, burgers, ribs,steaks searing,etc. and the very recipes of our own. Just because you’re cooking indoors doesn’t mean you don’t get the taste palate of delicious grilled foods. With smokeless indoor electric grills, grilling is easy and fun without being disturbed by dreadful smoke. You don’t have to worry about the weather anymore.Arrange your barbeque party anytime-anywhere and ignore all hassles that come with it.

Visit the FAQ section if you have further questions.

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