Simple Tips to Keep Your Slow Cooker Up to the Mark

Programmable slow cooker

Slow cookers are used in our day-to-day life. They are very helpful for us in our kitchen. It helps the delicious food to bring out its perfect flavor. A wide variety of food can be cooked in a programmable slow cooker. It also uses a lot less electricity than an oven.

A slow cooker consumes very little electricity. For an average-sized 3.5 liter slow cooker it consumes 1.3 kWh of electricity. This rate is much less than average ovens.

A slow cooker is very healthy. For example, if we are talking about meat cooking in a slow cooker. The healthiest way of cooking meats is in a slow cooker. But it is said that most of the other delicious versions of meat cooking such as barbecue, grilling, etc. are not that healthy. So using this tool is very good for health.

So we have spoken enough about the pros of a slow cooker. We need to concentrate on the maintenance of the slow cooker. For this, we need to follow some basics.

So let’s go straight into it.

So stick with us.

So you are acquainted with programmable slow cooker. So why not give a read to the advantages?

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Managing Slow Cookers

Now we will learn about the steps of maintaining slow cookers:

Plugging of After Use

This is one of the most important fact in maintaining a slow cooker. After the use of a slow cooker we have to plug it out of the connection. Because if we keep it plugged in it may cause many problems. Even to some extent it might cause damage to our house.

So for the greater safety measure, we have to make sure that we have unplugged the cooker from the connection. Before cleaning it we have to give it time to get cooled. After that, we can clean the cooker.

Taking Less Time in Preparation

We have to make sure that we are easing off the slow cooker for usage. For this we can cut down the preparation time. How? We can select dishes which contain less preparation time.

For some cooking like soups and stews we can just put the ingredients in the cooker. We can save time by cooking the additional elements on regular cookers. This might save time and also let the slow cooker do its job more efficiently.

So we have to think of this measure too.

Taking Advantage of Night Before

Suppose you have a short time in hand for cooking in the morning. In this type of case you can complete the ingredients night before the morning you are going to cook. You can decorate your ingredients and put them in the fridge. Make sure to take it out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking. Because of using a slow cooker, you have to get your food at room temperature.

And if the requirement leads you to heat the food beforehand then keep the ingredients in a different container and join them in a slow cooker after.

Choosing Small Cuts

Slow cookers are great for cooking small cuts. For example we can say lamb shoulder, chicken thighs, etc. it leaves the total aroma of the meat in the whole of the dish. Making it enough delicious for this reason. So we have to be careful about choosing the cut size of the meats.

Using Less Water

When we are using a programmable slow cooker, make sure that we are using less liquid. Because our cooker will be sealed from the top. For this, if you are going to give extra water it won’t find the space to get out of the cooker by evaporation. The water should just cover up the meat and vegetables only. As a result the food won’t cook accordingly.

If a standard recipe shows you to add 1 time of water, in a slow cooker you should use only one-third of this amount. This will make sure the cooking.

The Low Setting

Experts say that it is best to use the low setting of the slow cooker. As it brings the flavor out of the dish. And you can also head out for the day without thinking of the food. Because the cooker will continue to heat the food on its own until a certain point of saturation.

So this way of cooking in this utensil is quite renowned and referred because of this attribute. We should try to keep this in mind.

Trimming the Fat of Meat

It is best to trim the fat of meat out before you are starting the cooking. As slow heater slowly cooks your meat the fats will likely get diluted in the curry and the taste of the food can be damaged. For this we have to take the measure of trimming them before cooking.

If we don’t do this we might find a huge amount of oil in our stew and the taste won’t be so desirable also. To avoid this we have to take care of this issue.

Cleaning the Cooker

To maintain the efficiency and proper working of the cooker we have to clean it regularly. Mainly after every cook. Because if we let it dirty it won’t have its performance like before. As there are many parts of food which are not desirable and it will leave its effects for the next cooks. So for this, we can’t allow dirt on our cooker at all.

It differs according to models and you should get here to know about the size and capacity of the current best slow cookers.

So, you should try to go at it with a minimum amount of force which is required in this case. In this way, you won’t be having an issue with the efficiency of the stuffer.

Convenient features help you to slow cook saute vegetables and brown meats for your favorite food. With the perfect choice for the cooking function, you will get the best meal of the day.

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For maintaining a programmable slow cooker we should take these measures. These are very easy to execute. It just needs a bit of presence of mind and awareness. Here we are paying good money to buy this product so we have to take care of it. And by taking care it means maintaining and cleaning this product is a very solid manner.

By following this step we will be able to take good care of our slow cooker. Most of the problems regarding it are solved here.

If you have any other questions, visit this FAQ section.

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