“Induction cooktop” is the trendiest buzzword in the culinary area these days. Applying induction technologies is not only tech savvy but also gives off a classy vibe altogether. It has been said that in 5-7 years period we’ll all be using induction technologies. So better get into future while it is hot.

Having said that, it’s not always cherry on top situation. No such thing exists where good things happen without some bad. Using the cooktop will render some noteworthy benefits but there are some interesting bad sides to it too!

Story behind the story

At first, you’d have to understand how an induction cooktop works. The induction tech is based upon the properties of ferromagnetic metals. The coil in the cooktop generates an electromagnetic field around or on top of your cooktop. This field virtually on existent. You can’t see or hear or feel it in any way. However, this electromagnetic field or EMF, in short, can produce heat on one condition we’ve already mentioned – the ferromagnetic metal. No need to stress over how you’d know or check if the pan would work. Just test if it is attracted to a good magnet. If it does, then you are good to go. When the field goes through the metallic pan or any cookery – it will become exceptionally hot! The field would generate the same type of field in the pan and this would create “Eddy current”. With nowhere to go this current just runs amok and this creates heat. That is the main essence of induction cooking.

Be careful about the EMF!

The main danger from the cooktop is the EMF generated. It’s been well advised that people with a pacemaker or embedded defibrillators or most widely known as Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) must not go near an induction cooktop. The EMF may interfere with the sensitive technology causing a health hazard.

Don’t keep it close!

For general people, the EMF can harm us. There’s a limit by which we have to abide by. The general rule for doing so is to stay 1 meter away from the cooktop! Which is quite impossible.