8 Tips to Increase Your Productivity using an Induction Burner

You’ve known about induction cooktops/ranges and probably using one right now. It’s this life-changing technology that makes cooking not only look easy but also made the actual sweating work much much easier than it used to be. Portable induction cooktops will help you both in indoor and outdoor cooking in a much safer environment than your typical average gas burner or microwave.

As you already got an idea of what the portable induction burner, why not give a read to its advantages?

So how does your pan heats up on its own without any visible flame? The answer is this quite amazing tech called induction technology. If you’re anything close to kitchen geek, then you know about it. Coil placed inside the cooktop throws what scientists like to call a “magnetic field” which in turn goes through your iron or stainless steel pan (or any ferromagnetic cookery. You can check this by using magnets. If the magnet sticks to your stuff, then it will heat up on the induction range/cooktop). This much is pretty basic and it’s clear that induction cooking technology is here to stay. Today we’ll take a deeper dive into the things related to all things induction.

So we’re going to talk about cooking with a portable induction cooktop –not how to turn on an induction cooktop or anything along the line, just a few guidelines to get the best out of the whole experience.

Keep your eyes on the voltage

Your cooktop runs on electricity. Like all other appliances, there’s a limit of current-voltage input there. There are two kinds of appliances – one is made to operate in America: runs on 100 V and the other is for Europe and Asia and other places where it runs on 220V. So, word of advice here is to check your cooktop compatibility with your electricity port and vice versa. If your cooktop doesn’t match your port don’t be disheartened. You can always use a transformer to match your needs.

Being portable, this one is highly suitable for indoor as well as outdoor cooking. But how? Visit here to know more. But remember, without any open flames or burning coils, this one is quite safe than the traditional ones.

Keep other devices safe

Underneath the sleek glass cover and the savvy tech, there’s something called electromagnetic field generator. There are coils of wire all over (or should I say under?) the place. When you properly turn on the cooktop these coils generate the field. Put through ferromagnetic cookery it heats up, just like I’ve explained before. But going through your other electrical appliances it’ll magnetize and disrupt them. Sound recorder, TV, the camera might not work the same way as before. So it’d be better to keep other electronic and mobile devices at least 3m away from the cooktop. Otherwise, they will be affected and magnetized and their working value would be gone.

Experts know it best

The cooktop is made up of a complex wiring system and circuitry to meet your everyday needs. But poking inside the cooktop is never a good idea unless you’re trained to do that of course. If you’re facing problems, it is wise to call for expert help or taking it to the properly trained technicians.

Minimal temperature requirements

Along with electrical appliances, it’s wise to keep your cooktop away from heating and steam source. Keep the cooktop at least 15 cm away. To keep your cooktop healthy and well maintained try to store it at 10 – 40 °C.

The Secura Portable induction burner comes with 15 power level that helps to cook every kind of food. It also helps to boil, fry, grill, barbeque. Not only that it has 15 different temperature settings. These temperature settings allow keeping the food warm. You can simmer, high, or provide low heat according to your needs.

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Remove the pan, when you can

Be sure not to overheat the cooktop from the cooking pan. Avoid leaving the red-hot utensils on the cooktop after you’re done with it.

Let it cool down

After you’re done with the cooktop remove the pan which I’ve previously suggested but do not turn it off immediately. Chances are if you’re using one of the best portable induction cooktops then it’ll automatically have a fan installed, which is much needed by the way. The cooktop doesn’t automatically heat up but the pans and other utensils will. So, the fan tries to keep the cooktop from overheating. It is highly recommended that you do not turn it off immediately and let the fan turn off automatically. Also, do not touch the heated cooktop surface barehanded until the “H” letter turns off.

Maximize your output

While choosing frying pans to make sure to cover the whole range of frying pan. Smaller than the size mentioned in the cooktop glass will work but not efficiently, the magnetic fields generated will be wasted on nothing.

Don’t overdo it!

This is the last one and probably the most important one in this bunch, always try to avoid the highest temperature setting in your cooktop. Try to cook at 70-80% of the highest temperature available.

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