How to Make Perfect Air Fryer Chips

How to Make Perfect Air Fryer Chips

Chips are the first thing that many people cook in an air fryer. In fact, making air fryer chips is the main factor in buying an air fryer. But the chips will be yummy and tasty when you follow the right process.

Following several methods, you can cook chips in an air fryer. In this comprehensive guide on how to make perfect air fryer chips, I will share the easiest and tastiest method of all.

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How to Make Perfect Air Fryer Chips?

Making perfect air fryer chips is so effortless. Read the below steps and follow them meticulously to enjoy tasty chips.

Required Ingredients:

The below ingredients are necessary to make tasty and flavorful air fryer chips. Gather them prior to the cooking process.

Air Fryer: You can buy a premium quality air fryer of brands including Phillips, Black-Decker, NuWave, GoWise, Bella, Secura Electric, etc. from the market. All air fryer models are not the same. Although the chip-making process is the same for all models, the temperature and time settings can vary. Adjust them according to your cooking process, and keep an eye on the chips during cooking.

Potatoes: Not all potatoes will give you crispy chips. Maris Piper, Roaster, and King Edward are the best potatoes to make chips. How many potatoes to take, relying on 2 factors, 1) potato size, 2) the number of people.

Oil: Wondering to see oil in the ingredients list? Well, we know that an air fryer can cook chips without oil, but I believe the taste will be much better if you use a minimum of a few sprays. Use a spray bottle to apply oil, and don’t use too much. A low-calorie oil would be a great choice. Besides, you can add water and little oil to a bottle and spray it.

Seasoning: Seasoning them will be a good idea after spraying oil on the chips. In his case, smoked paprika can be the best option.

Colander/Saucepan/Bowl: Soaking the chopped potatoes in cold water for 30 minutes is beneficial. This will help the potatoes to remove additional starch from them. You can also rinse them in cold water. I used both processes and got the same result every time. So, I can’t tell the difference between these 2 methods. However, I prefer following the rinsing method as it is quicker.

Kitchen Roll/Tea Towel: Potatoes need to pat dry after washing. Use a clean tea towel or kitchen roll. Both are a good choice.

Step by Step Process

Step 01: Potatoes Preparing

How do you love your chips? Only peeling, or do you want to give them a good scrub and remove the skin? It all depends on your personal preference. You can slice the potatoes thin like French fries or make them thick like regular chips.

A slicer or chopper is a good option if you decide to slice them. If you don’t have these 2 items, use a sharp knife.

Thinner chips usually get cooked more quickly than thicker chips. They can burn if you don’t check the thin chips during cooking. So, it would always be best to check the potatoes in the middle of the cooking process.

After cutting, put them in a bowl and rinse them well.

Step 02: Preheating the Air Fryer

This is not a mandatory step. Avoiding it will not affect the taste of the chips. However, preheating will help you cook the chips quickly. I recommend you preheat the air fryer to 400F.

Step 03: Washing

As stated earlier, I usually don’t soak the potatoes in cold water. I prefer washing them thoroughly. This way, any excess starch will get removed from the potato.

Once washing is finished, place the potatoes in a tea towel or kitchen paper and pat them to dry.

Step 04: Oil Spraying

You can go oil-free or use oil; the decision is up to you. Choose low-calorie oil to spray. While spraying, toss the potatoes to make sure oil is covering all of them.

Step 05: Seasoning

Sprinkle your favorite seasoning. You can experience different herbs and spices. Try curry powder, paprika, or simply pepper or salt.

Step 06: Transferring to Air Fryer

Now put the prepared potatoes in the air fryer basket. Set the cooking time to 20 – 15 minutes. After 0 minutes, check the quality of the cook. Remember to give them a good shake. If you need to spray a little more oil, do it without hesitation.

After 25 minutes, if the potatoes are not cooked perfectly, pop them back into the basket and give them a few more minutes.

I suggest you put less chips into the basket at once. Thus, cooking time will be a little less, and you must cook in several batches. If you put all chips in a single batch, the hot air of the air fryer can’t pass through every portion of the chips. Thus, the quality of the food will be poor.

Once all the batches are completed, place all potatoes in a single batch and run the air fryer for a few minutes. This way, the chips will remain warm when served.


What to serve with air fryer chips?

I love to serve air fryer chips with mayonnaise, creamy dill sauce or aioli. The creamy dill sauce has to be homemade for the best taste. My favorite when serving air fryer chips is tomato sauce or spicy sauce.

Are air fryer chips crispy?

Yes, definitely. As long as you follow the right process of cooking, the air fryer chips are crispy. Remember not to overcrowd the basket, and periodic shake is necessary.

What is the best temperature for air fryer chips?

400F is a good temperature for cooking crispy air fryer chips.

Are air fryer chips without oil any good?

Happily, YES. When air fryer chips are cooked without oil, they will be much healthier yet still taste yummy. Moreover, without oil, you won’t have to spend much time cleaning the air fryer. Also, the air fryer will remain smell-free and grease-free.

Final Thought

So, isn’t the process of how to make perfect air fryer chips so simple? You don’t have to be a professional to cook crispy chips in the air fryer. The secret is to keep the potatoes dry as much as possible, don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket, and check them halfway through the cooking process. Following the above simple steps, you can make perfect air fryer chips.

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