How to Use an Air Fryer – Know all the Secrets

how to use an air fryer

Not knowing how to use an air fryer correctly can lead you to a burnt mess. You can make a lot of mistakes with the best air fryers under $150. In order to cook delicious food using an air fryer, you have no other choice except to learn the right way with this helpful kitchen appliance.

But, no worries, walk through this comprehensive guide to enjoy the beauty of quick-cooking without oil. Also, I will share a few tips and tricks to let you cook yummy foods.

How to Use an Air Fryer?

Air fryers can produce tasty food when you follow the proper cooking process. Carefully follow the below headings.

Keep the Basket Less Crowded

Always keep the food in a single layer inside the air fryer basket. This way, the food will be crispier. At the same time, even cooking will be confirmed. Cook in several batches as needed.

Right Temperature is the Key

The thumb rule for selecting the right temperature is, set the temperature at least 25° F less than you would use when cooking in an oven. Moreover, your air fryer should consist of a recommended temperature list for specific foods. You can also follow the recipe from a trusted source. 

Check the Progress of the Food

There is a misconception that checking the progress of the food during the cooking process is not good. But the reality is, you can do this, and it is ok to pull the basket out.

Flip or Shake the Food for Even Cooking

When cooking French fries or Brussels sprouts, shake the food halfway through to promote browning and even cooking. Also, remember to flip pork chops or chicken about halfway through to ensure proper cooking.

Dry Foods Perfectly to Make Them Crispy

You may end up with soggy foods if the food contains moisture before cooking. Use paper towels or clean kitchen towels to pat the food. The towel will soak the moisture, and you will get crispy food.

Air Frying Presets

The good news is that most air fryers have preset functionality for common foods. You must use the function appropriately when cooking time and temperatures are preset. However, I always prefer using a manual setting instead of the presets. This way, I can control the temperature and cooking time according to the food type.

How to Preheat an Air Fryer?

Well, many people think to preheat the air fryer before cooking. But the reality is, it depends.

Check your air fryer instruction manual before cooking. If it says to preheat the appliance, preheat without hesitation.

Preheating will help you cook properly. However, you might wonder, what if I don’t preheat my air fryer? The cooking process will be a little longer than usual.

Truly, I don’t usually preheat my air fryer. Food items like Brussels sprouts, Broccoli, etc., get brownish on the edges quickly and take time to become tender in the center. I usually start cooking this type of food in a cold air fryer.

How to Reheat in an Air Fryer?

Want to get the crispiness back of French fries and pizza? Use an air fryer without thinking twice. An air fryer takes only a few minutes to reheat foods. Remember to set the temperature at least 30° F less than you would use when cooking in an oven.

How to Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer?

Air fry the pizza for a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. Temperature settings would be 320° F. Make sure to place the pizza in a single layer. Thicker crusts will take a longer time to get reheated than thinner crusts.

How to Reheat French Fries in an Air Fryer?

Air fry the French fries for a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. Temperature settings would be 350° F. Shake the air fryer basket after 2 minutes. Single-layer will be the best option to get crispier French fries.

Secret Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Don’t keep the Grate Out of the Basket: The grate allows hot air to circulate throughout the food layers. Also, oil can’t sit on the food items.
  • Air Fryer Creates Noise: When air fryers operate, you will hear a whirring sound.
  • Shuffling the Food is Necessary: Without shuffling the basket every few minutes, you will not get even brownish food.
  • You can Remove the Basket When the Food is Ready: The good news is that you won’t have to worry about shutting an air fryer off because it turns off itself when you remove the basket.  
  • Place the Basket Perfectly: Perfect placing of the basket is mandatory. Otherwise, the air fryer will not work or turn on.
  • Cooking Time Depends on the Amount of the Food: You might have seen the temperature setting and cooking time of specific food in your air fryer manual. However, the thumb rule is that if you want faster cooking time, load the air fryer with less food. On the other hand, more food will take more time to cook.
  • Lower Temperature will be Ideal: Most air fryer recipes need less temperature settings than their conventional rivals. Here the point is that air fryers get hot quickly and move the hot air within the layers of the food faster. So, setting it to a lower temperature will keep the food free from getting too crispy or dark on the outside. This will also ensure proper cooking inside.

Summing Up

Congratulations! Now you know how to use an air fryer. Whether you want to cook potato chips, French fries, healthier vegetable options, or traditional fried foods, air fryers are much more efficient in frying different food items.

However, the most important thing is ensuring air fryers’ right usability. If you don’t know the correct working procedure, you won’t get the best benefit from the air fryer.

Happy air frying!

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