How much does a vacuum sealer cost?

In this article, We dicuss about vacuum sealer cost. Lot of Vacuum Sealer in to the market. This article will help you to find the right Vacuum Sealer on your budget.
How much does a vacuum sealer cost

Before sealing the deal of a vacuum sealer, you should know how much it might cost. A vacuum sealer is such a product that can be found at a very cheap or a very expensive price. For its huge difference in the price range, it’s hard for a person to guess the price of a specific type of vacuum sealer. So, if you want to understand the pricing of a vacuum sealer, then this article will be helpful to you.

Vacuum sealer is a great tool for preserving food for a long time by keeping it fresh! I must say that every kitchen should have one of these devices for many reasons. By definition, a vacuum sealer is a device that sucks out all the air from a plastic bag or container and seals the opening of the bag to increase the life of the food.

Vacuum sealers can be of two types: chamber type and external type. Chamber type vacuum sealers are mostly used for industrial purposes, as they are fast and heavy duty machines. So, they are expensive. Chamber type vacuum sealer cost are available from around 550 dollars to 8700 dollars.  External type vacuum sealers are perfect for your kitchen. They are affordable and budget friendly. Their price range is 30 to 500 dollars.

As you see that 25 to 500 is a huge difference. So, If you don’t know the cost of a vacuum sealer, there is a huge possibility of buying an overpriced product. Or you might spend your money on such a vacuum sealer that will not even fulfill your need. So, you should know the price variation too.

Before that, let me tell you about how a vacuum sealer works. We, already know that a vacuum sealer sucks out all the air. Actually, the target is to suck out all the oxygen inside the package. And after that, air tight sealing ensures that there will be no space for air to go outside or inside. Without oxygen, the bacteria and molds which are responsible for wasting food can’t grow. So, the food can be preserved for a long time. That’s why a vacuum sealer’s quality depends on its suction and sealing performance.

A vacuum sealer’s main purpose is to save food from wasting. You can save your leftovers for eating later and save your money. If you are a busy person, then you can cook a large amount of food in your free time, and vacuum-seal the foods for your busy days. But you can do other kinds of stuff with it too. For example, sous vide cooking is a charm of this device. So, as you understand, with the change of purposes and features, the price might go up and down. In this article, we will see the price ranges of vacuum sealer in a list.

Brand’s NamePrice range
FoodSaver 70-300
Anova Culinary80-150
Fresh World150-210

Value of a vacuum sealer

Well, a vacuum sealer cost depends on the value it can add. So, is a vacuum sealer worth the price? Yes indeed. As we know, a vacuum sealer is used for preserving food. In our world, we have limited food, and wasting food is the most heinous job. And yet food is not free. You have to pay for the food. So, if you waste it that means you will have to pay more money for it. Here, a vacuum sealer can save your money. If you vacuum-seal your food leftovers, then you can eat them later and save your money. So, vacuum sealer is technically returning the money you have used to buy it.

A good vacuum sealer is capable of doing better vacuuming and sealing job. So, the food is expected to last longer. In general, a good price will give you a good device.

Vacuum sealers use special vacuum bags for their operations. Not every machine supports every type of bag. Vacuum bag’s prices can be different according to their brand, size, and material. A cheap machine that uses high-priced bags or an expensive machine that uses low-priced bags, which has the greater value? Well, If you run the vacuum sealer for some years, the expensive machine will cost you less money over the time period. Because the bag price is low. So, with this example, you can understand that buying a vacuum sealer should be depended on its value. And definitely, value has a direct impact on price.

Factors for price variation

Some vacuum sealers are cheap, some are expensive. So, why there is such a difference in the price? The price difference is dependent on some factors. These factors affect the vacuum sealers’ quality and performance. For better performance, you have to pay a better price.


Vacuum sealer’s type has a direct impact on its price. Two types of vacuum sealers are used for two different purposes. For industrial work, chamber type vacuum sealers are preferable. Because a large number of operations is needed there and obviously continuous work too. In these types of devices, the vacuum bag is placed inside the chamber and the work is done automatically. So, considering these factors, chamber type vacuum sealers are expensive. On the other hand, for home and restaurant purposes, external vacuum sealers are enough. They are not that expensive as chamber type machines.

Vacuum power

The power of suction or vacuum power is another key factor for price variation. More power means the suction of air will be done quickly. And for powerful suction, there will be no air inside the bags. You can do multiple vacuum sealing quickly with a machine that has heavy suction power. But powerful vacuuming needs a powerful motor. And a powerful motor will cost more. So, the vacuum sealer that has more vacuum power will have a higher price. The cheaper vacuum sealer has lower suction power and they take a lot more time to vacuum any bags or containers.

Sealing efficiency

Sealing efficiency is not a neglectable factor when it comes to pricing. Sealing efficiency indicates the width of the heat sealing bar and its sealing quality. A wide heat sealing bar will allow you to seal large sized bags. Even you can seal multiple small sized bags at the same time with a large sealer bar. To get a wide sealing bar device, you have to pay more. The sealing quality depends on the strip’s capability of sealing. Some device has double heat sealing option. Double sealing ensures that the sealing quality will be super durable. Double heat sealing is available on high priced vacuum sealers. So, sealing efficiency will increase the price of a vacuum sealer.


A machine’s price depends on how consistently it can work. Vacuum sealers use a heat sealing bar to seal the opening of the package and the motor for air suction. For this reason, the machine becomes hot after consecutive use. So, some machines need to be cool down before working again. Some of the vacuum sealers have cooling fans to control the overheating issues. These machines are costlier than others. With these vacuum sealers, you can consecutively vacuum and seal without waiting. With the increase of consistency, the price goes higher.

Automatic or manual operation

Vacuum sealer’s operation method can be automatic or manual. With the automatic feature, the vacuum sealer can vacuum and seal any package automatically. Some devices can automatically detect a bag and cut it after completion of the operation. It’s an easy and hassle-free job as you just need to press a button. Then the machine will do the rest. These automatic machines will cost you more than the manual ones. Because manual ones don’t have many features and their production cost is lower. With the manual one, you will need to do some of the work on your own.

Dry and wet mode

Vacuuming dry items and liquid items are not the same. Liquid items are hard to vacuum as they spill out of the bag when vacuuming. For this reason, most of the vacuum sealer has two sealing modes: dry and wet. All the cheap and expensive vacuum sealers can vacuum dry items. But for wet food items, cheaper vacuum sealers are not so great. They can be messy sometimes. But the expensive ones are designed to vacuum wet items perfectly. And to avoid mess, some of the models offer a drip tray. With the drip tray, it’s easy to clean the mess created by vacuum-sealing wet items. So, depending on liquid mode performance, the price can go higher or lower.

Bag type, cutter, and storage

The price of a vacuum sealer also depends on the compatibility of bags, having bag cutter and roll storage. Some vacuum sealers are compatible with different types and sized bags. So, they give you more options about choosing bags. After you are done with vacuum and sealing, you need to cut the bag. If there is a built-in cutter, then you wouldn’t have to worry. The same thing goes for the bag roller storage. But built-in cutter and storage actually increase the size of the machine. But as they come in handy when needed, most people love them. So, these specifications are one of the reasons for price variation.


All the brands of vacuum sealers always try to bring new features for their customers. Some features are really cool. And these features make the machine easy to operate and convenient. Features like pulse mode, only sealing and only vacuuming option have made the vacuum sealer a versatile device. Digital control panel, LED light, automatic bag maker, etc. are some of the latest features that are being used in vacuum sealers. Even you will get marinating feature with some of the models. But all those features are not available in every price range. The features get better with the increase in the price.


Vacuum sealer brands offer some extra accessories with the machine. Handheld sealer, air suction hose, wine stopper cork, different sized bags, and bag rolls are provided with some of the vacuum sealers. With the accessory port and hose, you can seal jars, canisters, and containers. With some models, you will get these accessories. If not then you have to separately buy them. But you need to be sure about that whether your vacuum sealer supports the accessories or not. So, these accessories are responsible for price variations.


The durability of any device has some effect on its price. A vacuum sealer’s durability depends on many things. Most of the famous brands’ products are famous for their durability. Vacuum sealers’ material can be considered here. Stainless steel and high rated plastic both are considered durable. In some cases, brand value plays a vital role in pricing.

FoodSaver vacuum sealer cost

FoodSaver vacuum sealer

FoodSaver is a pioneer brand for vacuum sealers. They are the most famous vacuum sealer company for their product quality and performance. FoodSaver vacuum sealer’s price range is 70 to 300 dollars. They produce basic to exclusive level vacuum sealers. You will get their handheld sealers for below 50 dollars. Their entry level products are found under 100 dollars. And for 150 to 300 dollars, you will get the latest technology vacuum sealers.

NutriChef vacuum sealer cost

NutriChef vacuum sealer

NutriChef is a well-known brand for making kitchen appliances. Their vacuum sealers are available at a reasonable price. The NutriChef vacuum sealers are found in the 50 to 240 dollars price range. They have chamber type vacuum sealers which you can get at around 550 dollars. NutriChef vacuum sealers’ performance is very satisfactory at the price they offer. You will found most of their vacuum sealers under 85 dollars.

Nesco Vacuum sealer cost

Nesco vacuum sealer

Nesco brand manufactures some of the best quality vacuum sealers. Nesco vacuum sealers are praised by many customers for their brilliant performance. The price starts from 50 dollars and their most expensive vacuum sealer is at around 110 dollars. Their pricing is very good compared to other brands. Under 65 dollars you will find some of their vacuum sealers.

Geryon Vacuum sealer cost

Geryon vacuum sealer

Geryon is a well-known brand for making vacuum sealers. Their vacuum sealers are affordable and good for the price. The Geryon vacuum sealers are found in between 35 to 135 dollars. You will get their automatic vacuum sealer for under 40 dollars.

Anova Culinary Vacuum Sealer Cost

Anova Culinary Vacuum Sealer

The Anova Culinary is a famous brand for precision cookers and accessories. Their vacuum sealer has gained fame for its accurate performance for sous vide cooking. The price range of Anova vacuum sealers is 80-150 dollars. The product you will get at around 80 dollars is really worth it.

Bonsenkitchen Vacuum sealer cost

The Bonsenkitchen vacuum sealers are cheap and affordable. They have some different models in their small price range. The prices of their vacuum sealers are between 30 to 60 dollars. In the 40 to 50 dollar price range, they have some models that can be really useful in your kitchen.

Weston Vacuum sealer cost

Weston brand manufactures commercial grade vacuum sealers for your home. Their vacuum sealers are very powerful but expensive. The price starts from 190 dollars and goes all the way to 500 dollars. Of their all products, 400 to 500 dollars range is for commercial grade vacuum sealers. With these vacuum sealers, you can perform very strong suction and powerful sealing.

Price of Fresh World vacuum sealer

The Fresh world is another brand for making commercial grade vacuum sealers. But their commercial grade devices are comparatively cheaper than other brands. Fresh world vacuum sealers are available from 150 to 210 dollars. You will even get some of their commercial grade models under 175 dollars.

Price of Blusmart vacuum sealer

Blusmart vacuum sealers are available at a reasonable price. Their performance is yet satisfactory. The price range is 60 to 90 dollars. You will get a fully automatic vacuum sealer with an integrated kitchen scale at around 90 dollars. That should be considered a good deal.

Price of other brands’ vacuum sealer

There are a lot of other brands that make vacuum sealers. Among them, Mueller Austria, Toyuugo, Fresko, Enzo, Cekay, YTE, Slaouwo, Yeosen, etc. are some of the common names for vacuum sealers. These brands don’t make very expensive sealers, but their devices are good for any home use. The price range is 25 to 60 dollars. There are some other brands who also make good quality vacuum sealers.

The final thought

Now, I can finally say you’ve caught up with all the things about vacuum sealer’s price. So, I hope that now you can decide what should be the budget for your vacuum sealer. After grabbing your piece, share your experience with us. We wish you a happy vacuum sealing.

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