Effectiveness of Vacuum Packaging: Advantages and Disadvantages

Effectiveness of Vacuum Packaging

We’ve used vacuum packaging from time to time on purpose or unknowingly. In this article, we’ll try to shed some light on how we gain advantages by using vacuum packaging technology.

Advantages of Vacuum Packaging

Saves Your Time

You can save time by packaging the amount you’ll need for each of your serving. After vacuum sealing the food we usually store food in the refrigerator and use them by turn. So if you keep a different portion of stuff sealed in different bags though vacuum sealing then It’ll save time later on, when we’d use it.

Cost Effective: Saves Money

Vacuum packaging enables you to store food for a really long time that can result in cost saving options. You can buy things like meat in a bulk which costs less than buying in many turns. So vacuum packaging is saving money.

Preserves Food

Vacuum sealing can do one thing invariably good – preserving goods and their trait. So without further explanation, we can mutually agree on that this technology can store food. Vacuum is devoid of atmospheric touch. So there’s only a small chance of rotten vegetables.

Protection of Food

Vacuum sealed products are well protected. They are risk-free from damage via burn or any alteration through freezing. Vacuum bag also makes sure so that no water gets close to the food inside. It’s a complete solution for food protection.

Extended Shelf Life

The vacuum noticeably extends the shelf life of the food inside. According to statistics, food seems to last 3 to 5 times longer in a vacuum sealed bag. The amount will fluctuate depending on where you’re storing vacuum sealed goods.

Easy Organization Opportunities

Vacuum sealed products come with easy keeping options. With food being sealed tight in small easily carried bags you will be able to keep them freely anywhere you like – pantry or freezer.

Save the Taste

Vacuum-sealed foods do not get mixed with air or its moisture. So the flavor, texture, and inner moisture are perfectly preserved resulting in lasting freshness. The nutritional value is also preserved in these bags.

Safety Issues

Food is saved in a vacuumed environment is free from harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria or mold. So it’s safer than usual. But how are healthy are vacuum sealing foods?

When you normally preserve food using cans or other methods there’s a high risk of your food being contaminated with bacteria or fungi that thrive in a dark and moist environment. 

No Additives Necessary

Vacuum sealing is as natural as they come. Saving with vacuum sealing doesn’t require any chemical additives. So you’re safe from harmful chemicals and extra spending on them too. Taste remains original also.

Marinating in A Healthy Environment

If you’re marinating your meat, then is nothing better than vacuum packaging. You can add extra herbs and spices without the world barging in on your taste bud. The vacuum packaging seals the moisture and original flavor.

Though you need to know some maintenance guideline. Read this to know more.

Reduce Waste – Save Food

When we’re talking sealing using vacuum you may have only been thinking of fresh food. But with advanced vacuum packaging, you can save all your leftovers too. Instead of wasting extra food or forcing yourselves to ingest it forcefully in a short time to save your food from wastage you seal your leftover food and save them as is. With extended shelf life, your leftover food will be there tomorrow as good as new.


After all that talk about calculated wastage and organizing food menus and stuff, you may need less than a full vacuum packaged food leaving with you opened the package. But fear not, because you can just reseal your bag and save the rest of your food.

Forget Freezer Burn

With protection from moisture and water in the air, your food is devoid of the water other than its own. So the crystal that may cause freezer burn cannot even be formed in a vacuum-sealed environment. You can keep your food vacuum sealed with no worries of freezer burn.

Keep Your Chips Crisp

Vacuum sealing can help you when you’re about to leave your chips remnants and you’ve had enough. Vacuum seal those and they shall remain as crispy as new. But beware of using the vacuum function; It may crush your chips.

These were some great advantages of vacuum packaging. But vacuum sealers are not all high and mighty, they have their limitations too. Here are some demerits that you’d need to remember before buying a vacuum sealer.

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Not Cheap!

With all those functionalities, a vacuum sealer is bound to hack up quite a lot of money.  The initial cost of a sealer can be as high as fifty bucks! According to the configuration of the machine, this can increase. Also, the bags you’d need to use to package your coveted item costs a lot too. 

Anaerobic Bacteria

One of the main advantages we know of a vacuum packaging system is that it keeps out air meaning mainly oxygen so the aerobic bacteria cannot grow and the food is safe for as long as you don’t open it. But there are other kinds, anaerobic bacteria that thrive on the oxygen-less environment. So If you don’t keep your food clean the vacuum packaging will not guarantee your food being free from poison.

Remember Not to Crush It

Vacuum sealing requires vacuuming all your air out of your bag. A suction pump will suck out all the air from the bag. In this process the food inside faces pressure and if not being carefully curated the food may lose its initial integrity and get crushed. So don’t use the vacuum option or just don’t vacuum seal crushable foods – find some other ways to do it.

Not A Silver Bullet

While a vacuum packaging may give you a lot of bonus points in the health safety issue but this is not your silver bullet against food perversion. If your food was contaminated, to begin with vacuum packaging will not disinfect them. So if you’re getting a vacuum sealer just to avoid that you need much more than a vacuum sealer.

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