What is the best way of brewing coffee at home?

Brewing Coffee at Home

Coffee is a much-needed item in the lives of so many people all over the world. People have coffee when they are starting the day. The coffee helps you to start your day in the freshest way possible.

If you are a coffee lover, or you want to learn more about making hot coffee for yourself, then you must be on the path to researching it. You must have asked yourself several times how I make hot coffee at home. And after researching, you must have learned about brewing actual coffee beans for making the freshest coffee possible.

After learning about this process, you must have researched on what is the best way of brewing coffee at home. And that gives you some answers to your question. One likely answer is using percolators for brewing coffee right at your home. There are so many different varieties of percolators available to choose from.

There are many different instruments & ways to brew coffee. They are drip coffee makers, percolators, Moka pots, and espresso makers. And there are different methods of brewing that are popularly used all over the world like Greenland, Brazil, etc. These methods involve using the Chemex, V60, Moka Pot, Cafatiere, French Press, etc.

Necessary Pieces of Equipment

  1. Whole Coffee beans of your choice
  2. Coffee grinder
  3. Coffee Brewer
  4. Filter papers

Best Methods for Brewing Coffee at Home

The basic method of brewing coffee at home is almost the same in all methods & machines. But some differences exist. We are going to talk about the different best methods for brewing coffee at home.

Method Number 1: Using Coffee Percolator & Moka Pot

1. Measuring the required amount of coffee grounds & water for making the coffee. It is better to provide about 30gm of coffee grounds for 500ml water for a good quality coffee.

2. You need to boil the required amount of water firstly.

3. It is better to grind the coffee beans with a grinder & it should be done by you previously.  The medium-sized coarse coffee ground can be suitable for coffee percolator &Moka pot.

4. Then, you fill the percolator with boiling water.

5. After that, you add the coffee grounds to the filter basket inside the percolator as per your measurement.

6. The temperature needs to be around 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and it should be checked by you.

7. You should let the water boiling at that condition and check for bubbling through the glass knob for the next few moments.

8. This water runs through the whole machine mixing up with coffee grounds & extracting flavor. This process keeps continuing until you can see coffee-colored water.

9. Then you need to wait for about 6 to 8 minutes to complete the process of making the coffee. You can use a timer if you want or just keep checking the time.

10. After the required time passes, you should remove the percolator from the stove. It will be very hot, so you should use oven mitts or gloves when moving the percolator. Then you should take out the filter basket from the percolator and remove the coffee grounds.

11. Then, the coffee is prepared.

Method Number 2: Using Chemex

This is one popular instrument for brewing coffee. It has a classic hourglass design. The Chemex brewer implements the infusion method of brewing for making coffee from coffee beans. One of the best things about this brewer is that although it takes some time, it produces a very rich sediment-free coffee.

How to Brew Coffee Using the Chemex Brewer?

1. You use about 30gm coffee beans with 500ml water

2. You boil the water for making coffee.

3. Then, you need to use a coffee grinder for grinding the coffee beans into small pieces of coffee grounds.

4. The Chemex brewer has a special paper filter that is about 20-30% heavier than other filters. You use this special filter in the brewer. You place the coffee grounds inside the coffee filter.

5. Then, you pour the boiled water into the brewer through the paper filter just enough to saturate the coffee grounds.

6. And then, pour more water reaching three-fourths of the whole cup height.

7. During this brewing process, the brewed coffee will drip into the bottom of the brewer.

8. Then, you should remove the filter & remove the coffee grounds.

9. Pour the brewed coffee for drinking.

Method Number 3: Aeropress

This is another popular coffee brewing method. It makes a stronger but tasty coffee for a person. It ensures quick brewing time & produces coffee with a lower acidity level.

How to Brew Coffee Using the Aeropress?

1. You need to boil the water first & after boiling let it cool down a little bit

2. Aeropress has its special circular filter which should be attached to the plastic cap of the Aeropress. You assemble all the necessary parts. Then you pour water through the filter.

3. Then you add about 30gm coffee ground for 500ml water in it.

4. Then you double the amount of water for dry coffee & wait for about a minute or so to let the coffee bloom to the top.

5. After that, you place the Aeropress over a jug/cup & gradually apply pressure to the downward direction. There might be a little bit of resistance here which depends on the size of coffee beans. If there is low resistance then the grounds might be too small. You need to use a good suitable shape.

6. Then the coffee is prepared for you to enjoy.

Method Number 4: French Press/Cafetiere

Another very popular method or machine for making coffee for yourself. It is said to be the easiest way to make coffee. There is even no need for any filter in French Press as well. The French Press employs the immersion method where the coffee beans are directly soaked in the boiling water for the extraction of flavor.

How to Brew Coffee Using the French Press?

1. You boil water in the kettle.

2. You add the coffee grounds into the carafe of the French Press. Then, you add the boiling water to that.

3. Then, it is good practice to stir well to make sure the coffee beans are perfectly saturated.

4. After that, you wait for 3-4 minutes and put the lid on top. And then press on the plunger for pressing all coffee grounds to the bottom of the carafe through boiling water.

5. Then the coffee is prepared. It is best to pour all of the coffee into a flask or mug. Because the coffee grounds are still in the liquid, you need to remove them soon otherwise the flavor might be stronger as much time as you keep the grounds in the coffee.

Method Number 5: Pour Over

This is one of the cheapest & simplest methods of making coffee. The process for pour-over coffee is low technology, very simple. You just need to have a simple filter cone for filtering the coffee grounds for extracting flavor & make an amazing delicious coffee.

The mess is very easy to clean & portable. The process needs only a few minutes but makes great coffee.

How to Brew Coffee Using the Pour-over?

1. You boil water for making the coffee

2. You need to arrange & place a Pour-over coffee filter on top of the cone and then place the cone over a vessel or flask or mug.

3. Firstly, you need to flush the filter paper with boiling water. And then letting it drip down & then throw that water. This ensures that the coffee will not have extra unsavory flavor.

4. Then, you add your fresh coffee grounds to the cone and ensure the placement of the filter & cone. Also, it is better to evenly distribute the coffee grounds.

5. It is better to pour water over the coffee grounds to saturate those grounds properly. A guideline can be useful here like giving 30gm coffee grounds for 500ml water.

6. You need to pour boiling water gradually over the coffee grounds. The cone should never be filled. You need to repeat pouring water until the whole process is complete.

7. Then, the coffee is prepared.

Final remarks:

Coffee is a regular item for lots of people in the world. It is one of the most taken drinks in the morning by people. And in that case, making a good coffee is a great way to start your day.

Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is scientifically proven to give an edge to your sharpness of intellect. And, if you are going to have coffee, it is a fact that you will be wanting to learn about the best way to brew coffee and use that knowledge to make the perfect coffee for yourself.

All these methods are used popularly all over the world. For a coffee lover, all these methods should be tested to find the one most suitable for their taste. Hopefully, the article will help you all to do just that.

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