Do Percolators Make Better Coffee?

Percolators Make Better Coffee

If you are a person who needs to have coffee every day, then you must have wondered how to make your coffee even better for getting more refreshing energy. You might have heard about coffee percolators from the internet, YouTube, or even a friend. And, that would have raised a big question in your mind and that is, do percolators make better coffee?

And the struggle for learning about the answer to the question leads you to learn more about coffee percolators & about what these percolators can do for making your coffee even better. Some percolators can even make espressos, lattes & cappucinos. Coffee percolators are definitely a good choice to keep at your disposal if you are someone who likes the best delicious creamy coffee.

Percolators make better coffee than normal hand-made coffee. We will tell you about the features in this article. And after reading this article, hopefully, your question about percolators making better coffee will be answered.

Procedure for Making Coffee Through a Percolator

The percolator makes coffee through an over-extraction process. At first, you provide the coffee grounds inside it. Then add boiling water. And then you put the percolator on the stove.

After a while, the water boils & runs over coffee grounds extracting the flavor. This continues until you finish making the coffee. You can control the brewing time & process through a percolator.

If you brew coffee for a  long time, you might extract a lot of flavors which might result in intense strong coffee flavor. And many people like this.

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of strong intense & bitter coffee, you shouldn’t brew the coffee grounds for a much longer duration. And this is the reason why you definitely need to be around your coffee percolator when you are making the coffee.

It is better to be careful when you are brewing coffee, so as not to burn it or make the over-extraction process extend too long. The final result of brewing the coffee in this process is that you get a very delicious smooth creamy coffee experience.

Normal Hand-made Coffee vs Coffee Made From Percolator

The article will talk about coffee made from hand & percolator and make a differential argument on the better coffee. The following features will help to learn about percolators in general.

Normal Hand-made coffee is almost always made from instant coffee seeds. Like Nescafe. Instant coffee is sufficient & can be suitable for a lot of people. But, you as a human should always be in search of a better option. And that will definitely question you, that whether or not you should try percolators to make your coffee.

Percolators are specially built for the purpose of making coffee. This one reason is probably good enough. But, you should research thoroughly.

The percolators don’t use instant coffee seeds to make coffee. Rather, the percolators have the option of providing real coffee seeds. Then, those percolators help to make better coffee, as real coffee seeds are being used to make the coffee. And that ultimately leads to a more tasty, creamy, delicious, smooth & refreshing coffee.

Features of Coffee Made From a Percolator

1. Strong Taste:

The coffee made from a percolator is made through an over-extraction process. The flavor is extracted from the coffee grounds continuously until it is stopped by you.The percolator basically produces double brewed coffee which ultimately is a coffee with a strong taste.

Compared to hand-made coffee, coffee made from a percolator produces a stronger coffee but definitely more delicious nonetheless. It is because normally hand-made coffee is made from instant coffee beans but percolator brews coffee from actual coffee beans.

2. Preference of Taste:

If dark, strong, bitter coffee is your choice, then coffee made from a percolator will have your vote. Also, as the percolator makes coffee through continuous extraction of flavors from the coffee beans, the coffee product will have more caffeine.

And, if you are in need of any energy drink, as we often do, coffee made from a percolator might be the coffee we need. The percolator can be controlled though albeit small. You can lower the brewing time & even adjusting the coffee grounds will change the quality & taste of your coffee.

And these features give an assertive answer to the much-asked question which is – do percolators make better coffee or not.  But, all these features don’t come for free though. You can’t expect to have so good & delicious, refreshing coffee from the instant coffee you bought from the supermarket.

There’s a reason, who so many people all around the world buy coffee percolators & other similar coffee makers. It is because these coffee makers do make delicious mind refreshing coffee.

3. Making Varieties of Drinks

The percolators can be used to make delicious varieties of coffee naming coffee, latte, cappuccino & so on. And all these are especially good. A percolator can make good coffee & other drinks as well.

Issues About Coffee Percolators

But there are some misconceptions about the really good features of coffee percolators among people. And that has led you to research more about the percolators.

There are some issues to consider if you are considering buying a coffee percolator.The issues are:

1. The Coffee Re-brews in an Instant

The percolator doesn’t know when to stop brewing the coffee grounds & extracting the flavor. So, until you stop it in the process or the percolator keeps brewing the coffee grounds until there is no more flavor to extract from & ultimately ruin your coffee with a too bitter or strong taste.

This is a major issue to keep in mind.But there is a simple solution to this problem. You just need to stay near the percolator for that amount of specific time in order to make the best coffee for you.

2. Need to Keep Focus

The percolator doesn’t have an auto mechanism. The percolator will brew & re-brew the coffee grounds until it can no longer extract flavor from the coffee beans. As a result, the coffee produced will have too much flavor resulting in a very strong coffee. You might even burn the coffee. And, if that happens, your coffee experience will not be good.

A simple solution for this issue is that you have to keep focus & you have to be close by. Keeping your eyes on the clock & the percolator and the sounds that percolators make will be the way to ensure the best possible coffee experience.

3. The Brewing Temperature is Too High

There is a standard temperature range generally agreed for the most effective way for brewing coffee. The temperature can be said to be between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

This range of temperature needs to be kept otherwise the extraction of flavor from the coffee beans will not work properly & ultimately you will not get the best coffee possible. And that’s why this issue needs to be kept in close eyes & considerations.

Also, this high temperature is always a risk because accidents can happen anywhere at any place. So, keeping an eye on this temperature is a must.

Final Remarks

Brewing a good cup of coffee by hand provides you with refreshing feelings & personal satisfaction of fulfillment. A good coffee experience provides you with a good refreshing mindset for having a good day & doing your work well. A good cup of coffee is going to change your lives immensely better.

You have learned a little bit about many things regarding coffee & coffee percolators. One answer that will help you with your question is that, yes, coffee makes good coffee.But as with many things, there are problems associated.

If you are not careful during the coffee-making process, you might burn the coffee or make it too strong for your taste. But, in the end, for enjoying a good coffee, you can buy a percolator for yourself.

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