Starbucks Secret Revealed: How They Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Starbucks brewed coffee

For all of you who are the fan of the world-renowned Starbucks coffee, this section is for you. The first important decision is what you’re willing to go for – a pour-over coffee, French press, or auto-drip. After deciding this there are four fundamentals for a Starbucks brewed coffee of the highest quality –

  • Proportion
  • Grind
  • Water
  • Freshness

Let’s dive right into making French press.

French Press


Now we’re going deep into a French press coffee recipe. First comes the quantity proportion – for every six ounces of liquid drinking water two tablespoons. We’ll have to put it in the coffee maker and stir thoroughly. You have to make sure that the water is saturated thoroughly.


The grind of coffee should be coarse, similar to coarse sea salt.

Water quality

Water is essential for any coffee. Coffee is 98% water so water quality is important. We recommend you use fresh filtered drinking water.
Temperature is also crucial in coffee making. The water should be right off the boil nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Boil the water let it rest for about 30 seconds top. Then fill the press completely full.


Timing is the key to the taste you’re looking for. Normally, after filling the press we place the plunger on top of the press and we’ll let the coffee steep for four minutes. After casually browsing through the Twitter newsfeed and reaching the four-minute mark we’ll gently plunge it and ENJOY it.

This is how you can prepare a gentle cup of French-press Starbucks coffee.

Drip coffee

Drip coffee how every drinker’s journey starts because it’s convenient. So it is of utmost importance that a simple cup of drip coffee is prepared to start the journey. Now those of you who are interested in drip coffee, the fundamentals are the same

  1. Two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water.
  2. Auto drip coffee maker and paper filter.
  3. Fresh filtered drinking water

A few things to keep in mind while making Starbucks drip coffee are the following –


The grind needs to be fine. According to the filter, the grind needs to be changed as well.


The filter is the connection between coffee grind and fine made coffee. So clear effective filtration is necessary. Two types of filters are available and depending on which the grind may or may not change. For flat-bottom filters, the coffee grind needs to be as fine as kosher salt. If we use cone filter the coffee needs to be even finer.

Pour-over coffee

In the process of pour-over coffee, the basic stays the same. The filter is first kept on the flask and hydrated a little bit to get it nice and ready for the process that follows. The grind should be a cone grind that slightly resembles granulated sugar. The water temperature should be the same – 200 in Fahrenheit or 93 degrees in Celsius. The coffee grind should be placed on top of the cone filter.

In the coffee-making process, at first, we’ll pour some of the water into the coffee grind. We’ll let it soak. The water will eventually sink in and bloom. The coffee will hydrate and will be ready to extract.

Next comes the most satisfying part. You pour – the greatest part of pour-over coffee making. You circle over the grind with water, the coffee will extract and go to the container below. Smooth and nice – not too light and not too strong. And your Starbucks style pours over coffee is ready for deployment.

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So why go outside when you can make your own at home?

Readout other advantages of using a coffee percolator along with its safety precautions.

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