How much does an air fryer cost?

How much does an air fryer cost

Probably, you have heard about the health benefits of an air fryer and planning to buy one. So, you might be wondering how much an air fryer costs. To be honest, the air fryer has a versatile price range. So, to get a complete idea about the air fryer’s price you should get to know the ins and outs of this device.

An air fryer is a countertop convection oven that cooks food with rapid air technology. As it is cooked with hot air, a little or no oil is needed to fry or cook foods. It is a fast and multipurpose machine that can fry, roast, broil, reheat, bake and cook other stuff too.

Considering different types and models, an air fryer will cost you between 35 to 400 dollars. You can see that the difference is huge. With this versatile price range, anyone can get easily confused to understand the possible price of a specific air fryer. So, it is very common to buy an overpriced product or waste money on such a product that doesn’t suit your needs. In this article, I will try to provide information about air fryers’ pricing.

Before proceeding, you should have a clear idea about the air fryer to understand its pricing. An air fryer is made to copy the result of a deep fryer without or with a little oil. It’s not exactly an oven. So, how this machine works? The machine circulates hot air throughout its cooking chamber. The high speedy hot air cooks the food and provides a crispy layer on the food. Cooking with an air fryer is healthier than deep-fried foods. So, the health benefit is the biggest breakthrough for air fryers. Its other benefits are saving time and money, fast cooking, and all-in-one cooking capability. Different types of air fryers offer different facilities and features. This results in price variation.

An air fryer is a convenient and versatile device of different types. Considering its price variation, it’s a puzzle to understand how much it costs. Don’t worry my friend, I am here to rescue you. So, without much more saying, let’s go to a table consisting of the price range of different brands’ air fryers.

ImageBrands’s NamePrice range
Cosori Ari FryerCosori90-150
GoWISE USA GW22956GoWise USA50-130
Instant Vortex Plus Air FryerInstant Pot45-130
Chefman 4.5 Quart Air FryerChefman45-150
Elite Gourmet EAF8190D Maxi-Matic Digital Programmable Fryer OvenElite Gourmet35-160
Philips TurboStar Technology AirfryerPhilips100-350
Iconites Air Fryer OvenOther brands30-300

Value of an air fryer

You might ask if the air fryer worth this price? Or will the air fryer save your money in the long run? Well, I am going to clear all the confusion. Air fryer is a convenient and multipurpose device. It has great value as it can do the job of other appliances in the kitchen. With an air fryer, you can not only fry but also roast, grill, and bake foods. So, if you buy an air fryer, you don’t have to buy other devices to roast, grill, and bake separately. So, buying an air fryer is actually worth it, as it will save your money from buying many devices.

If you buy an air fryer at a good price, you can save money by using it every time. An air fryer will save the money of buying oil. As it uses very little oil than deep frying, you don’t need to spend money on oil. So, you can save more money from buying oil over the year. Now, what you should keep in mind before buying an air fryer is its value. The expensive ones have more value than the cheaper ones.

If we talk about some other values of an air fryer rather than saving money, then we have a lot to talk about. Air fryers are easy to use. Anyone can operate it and cook different items with a recipe book. The air fryer is fast and energy efficient. Most importantly, if you are a person who wants to taste delicious fried foods without extra calories from oil, then it will a real value for money for you.

Responsible factors for price variations

There are some factors that are responsible for air fryers’ price variation. These factors determine whether an air fryer will be cheap or expensive. And these factors affect the performance of an air fryer. So, let’s dig in.


The price of an air fryer depends on its capacity. An air fryer can be of different sizes. Its capacity can be from 2L to 25L. If you want to buy an air fryer for a large family, then you should go for a larger capacity air fryer. For that, you must buy one with a capacity of more than 5L. In small sized air fryers, sometimes you need to cook in multiple batches because of its low capacity. So, the air fryer’s capacity is the first thing you should check for. That’s why capacity plays a vital role in pricing.  Even the same model has two/three size variations. The large capacity means a higher price. Because a larger machine will need more power to fry the amount of food inside it.


The price of any product or service depends on its quality. The same rule applies to the air fryer. A better quality air fryer will provide better frying results. So, their price will be higher. The built in quality defines how durable the product will be. The air fryer’s material is plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel made fryers are heavy and durable. So, their price is high. The air fryer’s quality depends on how good it can fry. The better quality will result in a higher price. Those brands that built quality products, charge a higher price than other brands.

Time of cooking

The time of cooking is very important in air fryers. Time is money. If you want an air fryer that cooks fast, then you have to spend on a good priced air fryer. When you are in a hurry, you will definitely want fast cooking. To decrease cooking time, an air fryer should be able to create high temperatures and have a high speed fan. For this reason, the manufacturing cost will be high. So, the price will be high too. The low cost air fryers will cook slower than the costly ones.


The quality of cooking depends on the technology used by the air fryer’s brand. With the latest technology, the quality of fry will be crispy and juicy. Famous brands use their own invented technologies which provide good cooking results. This affects the price of an air fryer. Most of the brands use the latest technology to make their air fryer, that’s why the price doesn’t vary much. But when it comes to anything special, it will definitely increase the cost.

Cooling System

All the air fryers use cooling systems. The air fryer gets very hot when it works. Overheating may decrease the longevity of the machine. So, to control the heat air fryer has fans installed inside it. With a better cooling system, it can control the overheating issue. So, your machine will be durable and provide perfect cooking results. So, it affects the price of the air fryer.


After every use, you need to clean the air fryer. Some air fryers get very messy after cooking. So, if cleaning the air fryer is hard, it will be a real headache for you. So, the cleaning factor plays a vital role in the pricing of an air fryer. The air fryer’s cooking chamber should be dishwasher safe and nonstick. Then it will be easy to clean. This dishwasher safe and nonstick feature has a direct impact on the price as they increase the cost of manufacturing. Some of the air fryers offer a dripping tray to catch the drippings of the food. The dripping tray is washable and easy to clean. So, the air fryer’s dripping tray will have an impact on the increase in the price.


An air fryer is such a device that can cook very fast and provide a crispy result with a little oil. This is possible for its high temperature. The temperature of an air fryer can rise from 100°F to 450°F. This temperature range varies from model to model. The more versatile this range is the more efficient the machine will be. So this temperature range will definitely affect the price of an air fryer.

Functions and feature

An air fryer can have different functions and features. The functions and features are responsible for the high and low price. Most of the air fryers have preset functions. With the preset modes, you can cook your desired dishes with only a press of a button. The preset modes make your cooking easy and perfect. The number of preset modes varies from model to model. This affects the price. With the additional feature, you can bake cookies, make pizza, roast and rotisserie in the air fryer. Automatic temperature control, one-touch operation, automatic cooking feature, etc. are useful features that will make your air fryer convenient. So, it will increase the value of the device and so for the price.

Unwanted aroma

Many of the users complain about the unwanted plastic smell of the air fried food. If your air fryer creates an unwanted aroma, then the taste of the food will be wasted. So, it’s one of the biggest concerns for air fryer brands. So, to make an air fryer smell free, good materials should be used to manufacture it. You need to be confirmed about whether an air fryer provides a bad smell or not. The costly air fryers ensure that the smell issues will not happen. The low budget air fryers may have a smell issue for their low quality.

Price of Cosori air fryer

Cosori is a leading brand for small home appliances. Cosori brand has different models and different capacity air fryers. Most of their models have two different capacity sizes. The price range of Cosori air fryer is 90-150 dollars. Their 5.8 QT sized models are available above 100 dollars. Their highest capacity size is 7QT which is their most expensive fryer. You will get basic air fryers for under 100 dollars.

Price of Ultrean air fryer

Ultrean is another famous brand for kitchen appliances. They are best for their price. They provide good air fryers on a low budget. Ultrean air fryers are found in between 60 to 110 dollars. Their small sized air fryers are found below 70 dollars. Ultrean offers 8 QT capacity only around 100 dollars.

Price of GoWise USA air fryers

GoWise USA is a common name in our kitchen. Their kitchen gadgets are budget friendly and cheap. The price range of GoWise USA air fryer is 50-130 dollars. You will get a mini air fryer for under 50 dollars which is very cheap. Their most of the air fryers are priced between 60 to 80 dollars. If you want a 7QT air fryer with the latest features, then you have to raise your budget by over 100 dollars.

Price of Instant Pot air fryers

Instant is a reputed brand for making air fryers. They have three different models of air fryers. Instant pot air fryer’s price starts from 45 dollars to 130 dollars. The Instant vortex series has 4 different functions and they are the cheapest. Vortex plus and vortex pro series have 6 and 9 functions followed by their price. 2 and 4 QT size is available under 100 dollars. And for 6 and 10 QT size, the price goes over 120 dollars.

Price of Ninja air fryers

Ninja brand produces high quality air fryers. Their air fryers are famous for giving the perfect result of cooking. The Ninja air fryers are sold at around 100 to 160 dollars. The premium look, result, and durability have earned the trust of the consumers. Their cheapest air fryer is 4 QT sized and costs around 100 dollars. 5.5 QT and 8 QT sizes are found in the 140 to 160 dollars price range.

Price of Nuwave air fryer

Nuwave is a common brand of kitchen appliances. Their air fryers are good for the price. They come in the price range of 70 to 150 dollars. Nuwave has two series of air fryers: Brio and Bravo XL. Brio digital air fryers’ price range is 70 to 145 dollars. Brio series has different sizes. From 3 QT to 15.5 QT air fryers are in this series. The Bravo XL series is sold for around 150 dollars.

Price of Chefman air fryer

Chefman brand produces different models of air fryers. They have cheap to expensive air fryers. Their air fryer’s price starts from 45 dollars and ends at around 150 dollars. With the increase in size and features, the price gets high. The small sized air fryers are available for under 80 dollars. And for large size, you will get an air fryer up to 26 QT capacity.

Price of PowerXL air fryer

PowerXL brand’s air fryers your great companion for the kitchen. Their digital air fryer’s price starts from around 85 dollars. And you will get their products at up to 170 dollars price. Their high quality air fryers will provide top notch results. You will get 10QT sized air fryers for under 100 dollars. The expensive ones are made from stainless steel.

Price of Elite Gourmet air fryers

The Elite gourmet brand has a large product line of air fryers. They produce cheap to expensive air fryers. Their air fryer’s price range is 35 to 160 dollars. Their basic air fryers are sold at a very cheap price under 40 dollars. Their good quality large sized oven type air fryers are found around 100 to 140 dollars.

Price of Philips air fryer

Philips is a giant brand of digital devices. Philips makes premium quality air fryers. Their air fryers price range is 100-350 dollars. Phillips turbostar air fryers can cost you up to 350 dollars. Philips brand’s other air fryers are found under 200 dollars.

Price of other brands air fryers

There are many other brands that make air fryers. Their price range is 30 to 300 dollars. Iconites brand’s air fryers are available for 80 to 127 dollars. Another famous brand Cuisinart air fryers are found between 80 to 300 dollars. The price range of Innsky brand is 80 to 120. Dash and Comfee brand’s range is comparatively 35 to 200 and 30 to 90 dollars. Geek Chef Air fryer’s price is between 90 to 200 dollars.

The Final Thought

After reading the article, I hope you’ve got a clear idea about the air fryer’s price. Now, as you can decide which air fryer is perfect for you and you know its price, there is no possibility to buy an overpriced product. My suggestion is always to buy a durable machine that will serve you for years.

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