What are the best things to cook in Air Fryer?

best things to cook in Air Fryer

Air fryers have successfully gained their place on the kitchen countertop, allowing you to enjoy an indulgent fried treat. This modern kitchen appliance is a great way to cook low-fat foods.

Many home chefs are now preferring stale cooking fries, baking cookie dough, heating fried chicken, etc., using an air fryer. However, hearing this, don’t assume that you can cook whatever you want with the help of air fryers. Some food items are simply not possible to cook in air fryers.

I cooked and tasted different food items in the air fryer. Based on that, I prepared this list of the best things to cook in an air fryer. I discussed the worst things as well.

What are the Best things to Cook in Air Fryer?

Following are my suggestions about what foods taste best with an air fryer. Also, I shared a few tips to make the food yummy.

1. Fish

You can effortlessly cook fish filets using an air fryer. When I cooked, I used foil and kept the skin side down. Then I followed fancy heating technology to cook the fish.

Fishes, including tilapia, shrimp, and even Salmon, are a good choice to cook using an air dryer. Apply a squeeze of lemon and drizzle garlic butter to add unique flavor to the fish. The overall cooking time will be only 15 – 20 minutes.

2. Potatoes

Cooking any type of potatoes is a breeze in air fryers. Purple potatoes, roast potatoes, French fries, and potato chips will never be difficult.

Add garlic powder and toss the potatoes in oil before cooking to give extra flavor. Moreover, using rosemary will make the potatoes an exceptional side dish.

3. Leftover Pizza

We all love microwaving pizza. Everyone prepares a pizza at the parties; pizza is the most common food item that remains leftover.

Generally, when we need to reheat the leftover pizza, we microwave it. But the microwave can burn the pizza. I used the best air fryer to reheat leftover pizza in such a case.

Simply turn the air fryer on, put the pizza into the air fryer, then see the magic. The cheese will be melted with a crispy crust; everything can be done without hassle. You will never have to eat soggy pizza with an air fryer in the kitchen.

However, other leftover fast foods, such as burgers, patties, hamburgers, etc., can easily be reheated with air fryers.

4. Frozen Fries

An air fryer delivers the best result when you need to cook frozen fries. With less effort, after cooking frozen fries in an air fryer, you will get a taste like they have been deep-fried.

My frozen fries were always crispy. Also, I never experienced internal sogginess or blackened corners in the fries.

In fact, air fryers are a good investment for all types of frozen foods. This kitchen appliance will be beneficial, particularly when you are time-poor.

5. Cooking Dough

An air fryer will be a good alternative if you don’t want to turn on your microwave oven. Keep as much distance as possible between the cooking dough when you put them into the air fryer. Depending on the air fryer size, you must put in more than one cooking dough.

Follow the baking instructions shared in the package. For gooey cookies, you can go a little under. It would be best to put the dough into the freezer before cooking. This way, the dough will not spread too much.

6. Crispy Bacon

Bacon is a yummy choice for air frying.

While cooking bacon, remember to place them into the basket or rack in a single layer. Then apply high temperature for 5 – 8 minutes, resulting in deliciously crisp and browned bacon.

More importantly, you will require little oil to cook the bacon.

7. French Fries / Chips

Air fryers are best for cooking French fries or chips. Air-fried French fries are always crispy. More importantly, they contain low calories. While deep-fried French fries consist of high fat and calories.

Cut the potatoes to the same sizes and put them on tissue. Thus, the water will be soaked. Then, place them into an air fryer in a single layer. Continue air frying for 15 – 18 minutes. You can check the frying condition after 10 – 12 minutes.  

Here are some secret tips – season the potatoes with paprika, pepper and salt. This will make the French fries flavorful.

What Are the Worst Foods to Cook in an Air Fryer?

As I stated earlier, cooking all food items in the air fryer would be a good idea. Here I shared a list of items that must be avoided from cooking in air fryers.

1. Red Meat

Meat requires a high temperature to cook. It is quite impossible to cook meat in air fryers. The meat will dry, and even cooking will not happen. In fact, the true taste of the meat will not come.

2. Leftover Pasta

Yes, you mustn’t reheat leftover pasta in the air fryer. If you reheat, the sauce will lose its silkiness, and the pasta will dry and clumpy. For reheating pasta, the microwave oven is the best option.

3. Brownies and Cakes

Cakes and brownies don’t really work with air fryers. Both will become rubbery or will be burnt. I would suggest you go with an oven or microwave oven to reheat brownies or cake.

Some other food items that simply don’t go with air fryers are,

  • Fried chicken
  • Pickle chips
  • Onion rings
  • Pancake
  • Oreo
  • Any types of glazed wings
  • Items that use wet dredge

Final Words

After reading this guide on what things to cook in the air fryer, you already know that all food items don’t go well with air fryers. Some foods must be avoided, while others become tasty, yummy, and flavorful after cooking with air fryers.

Bacon, French fries, chips, etc., all become crispy, and you will get a restaurant-like taste. Moreover, these foods will be less fatty as little or no oil is required.

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