Will A Low Fat Air Fryer Really Cook Great Chips-Know the Secret Recipe

Air Fryer Really Cook Great Chips

No other fried items are tasty and yummy like French fries. I can eat these 24/7 and certainly have them for several occasions a day. 

Low-fat air fryers are excellent for cooking great chips using little or no oil. You won’t have to spend much time cooking great chips using an air fryer. More importantly, the chips will be crispy and delicious. Overall, low-fat air fryer’s chips are tempting. 

However, many people are confused and look for the answer: will a low-fat air fryer really cook great chips? I will answer this comprehensive guide.

Will a Low Fat Air Fryer Really Cook Great Chips – Here is the Recipe

You will always get crisper and appetizing fries in my air obsession with low-fat air fryers. The chips will be a lower fat for sure.

In order to cook great chips, here I shared a few secrets. While preparing the ingredients for cooking, follow the tips.


Not all potatoes are good for chips. Choose russet when cooking French fries or chips of any type. After cooking, you will get the same flavor that you had in restaurants. At the same time, the texture and taste will be good.

Oil Options

I know different oil types are available in the market, and everyone prefers one oil type over another. For this reason, you might prefer to choose your favorite oil when it comes to cooking chips. Whatever oil type you choose; I recommend you check the smoke point.

Besides, if you don’t use oil while air frying potatoes, there is no logic to think about the smoke point.

I think neutral-flavored oil would be a great choice for air frying. Also, consider buying high smoke point oil. If you use a lower smoke point oil, you will end up with burnt fries; undoubtedly, it will be sad. I mostly prefer vegetable oil or peanut oil. Sadly, olive or coconut oil is an impractical choice for chip recipes.


Many people don’t know that herbs can add a nice flavor to the chips. I always add herbs when cooking chips, do you? However, don’t add herbs in the beginning or middle of cooking. Add it when the chips are almost ready and you are about to stop cooking—adding them before the required time means burnt herbs.

Suggested Cooking Time

If you don’t get crispy chips after the 12 to 15-minute, cook until the French fries are crispy. Remember, all air fryers are not built the same. So, all air fryers may not give you the same crispy chips at the suggested cooking time. You may need to adjust the time of cooking crispy chips.  

Finishing Tip

Are you preparing a few batches of chips? Then you might wonder how to save the chips from going cold before you eat them. In such situations, I follow the below tricks.

After cooking the final batch, I add the earlier batches with the last batch. Then put them inside my air fryer and cook them for 1 – 2 minutes, which means re-warming. This trick makes all the chips crispy. 

Baking Instructions

No worries if the chips are not crispy. Simply put them into a preheated oven. Then back them for 20 to 25 minutes at 420° – 430° F. Once the chips are golden brown, they are ready to eat.

Storage and Reheating Tips

Chips taste best when eaten fresh. However, you may need to store leftovers sometimes. Use an airtight container to store the leftover chips, and you can refrigerate them for a maximum of 4 days. When reheating, put them in a preheated oven and reheat at 350° F until they are warmed enough. Besides, you can use air fryer specifically manufactured for reheating food.  

How Much Oil Do I Need to Use in an Air Fryer?

There is no straightforward method available about how much oil to use when air frying. In fact, you don’t have to use any oil.

The process of air frying is so simple. Season the chops and put them into the air fryer. This way, you can cook low-calorie chips. But some may find it less tasty and flavorful because of no oil. 

If you need to add oil to the chips, I suggest you go with 1 tablespoon or 1 spray of oil. This much oil is enough for cooking. At the same time, you will not get high calories or fat in the chips.  


Do air fryers make good chips?

Impressively, air fryers are good at cooking good and crispy sweet potato chips. Sweet potato contains lower starch, helping the air fryer prepare crispy and flavorful chips. Remember, the more separated potatoes, the will be crisper.

Why are my air fryers’ chips not crispy?

Your air-fried chips may not be crispy due to several reasons. 

  • If the potatoes are wet before putting them into the air fryer. By patting the potatoes thoroughly, you can avoid soggy potatoes. 
  • You might have put too many potatoes into the fryer in a single batch. In this case, divide your potatoes into batches and put them accordingly. 

With the above 2 tips, I believe you can cook crispy chips without fail. 

How long do chips take in an air fryer?

15 – 20 minutes is enough time for crispy chips in an air fryer. However, as stated earlier, all air fryers’ performance is not the same, so you must check the chips while cooking. Also, flip the potatoes during the cooking time for a more even cooking. 

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this guide on whether a low-fat air fryer really cooks great chips can remove all your confusion about getting crispy chips. The best thing about low-fat air fryers is that they don’t require oil to cook crispy fried chips. This recipe will be significantly beneficial if you are trying to lose weight.

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