Automatic vs. Manual Vacuum Sealer – Which One to Choose?

Automatic vs Manual Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers help you eat healthily, minimize food waste and save money. They seal the freshness of the food for many days. Even vacuum-sealed food preserved in a freezer can last several years. The market is full of different vacuum types, and choosing the right one is challenging. Things can get more difficult when choosing between an automatic vs. manual vacuum sealer.

You can understand the core difference between manual and automatic vacuum sealers from the name. Manual operation like setting up the vacuum cycle run is necessary to get the work done with a manual vacuum sealer. While an automatic vacuum sealer works automatically to seal a bag of food item, less manual work is required. They have other differences as well.

This comprehensive guide will look at the key differences between automatic vacuum sealers and manual.

Automatic vs. Manual Vacuum Sealer – Comparison Chart

Here is a comparison chart to discuss the difference between the key features.

FactorAutomatic Vacuum SealerManual Vacuum Sealer
DesignCompact and smallLittle bit bigger
Suitable forHome useCommercial use
UsabilityEasyNeed to be familiar with the device
PriceInexpensiveHigher than automatic vacuum sealer

What is an Automatic Vacuum Sealer?

An automatic vacuum sealer allows you to seal bags quickly and conveniently. These sealers are ideal for sealing meat, broths, vegetables, soups and other food items while maintaining the right moisture level.

In terms of efficiency and speed, automatic vacuum sealers are the best option. You can bag a large amount of food daily with the help of these vacuum sealers. Whether you are a recognizable brand or run a fresh upstart, they will surely meet all your requirements.

The vacuum cycle run continues in automatic vacuum sealers until the air is completely pulled from the bag. Generally, this method is faster compared to setting a manual timer. It is an efficient system for packaging more durable types of foods.

Sometimes a business needs to store food for significant upcoming events. In such a situation, automatic vacuum sealers deliver the best result. Also, while trying unique food items such as sous vide, you will get the best outcome with these devices.

Key Features:

  • Simple and compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Efficiently and quickly seals bags
  • Extends the life of food
  • Affordable price range

What is a Manual Vacuum Sealer?

A manual vacuum sealer is a great way to store food safely by removing air from compatible-sized bags. You can seal bags of different food items, including an elegant cut of filet mignon or a simple soup. These vacuum packaging machines are efficient, cut packaging time effectively and make normal wrap food tasks a cinch.

Using a manual food sealer, you can preserve almost any dry and moist food items. They come with a large sealing area and are a little bulkier than automatic vacuum sealers. Moreover, the accessory port is available for them to use with different attachments.

Every manual vacuum sealer features a timer that helps you set the time of pulling the air out of the bag. This is a highly beneficial feature when you need to seal bags of highly delicate food items such as muffins. After figuring out the required time, operating these devices is much more convenient.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both dry and wet food items
  • It comes with the accessory port
  • Manual timer for adjusting the vacuum cycle run for your convenience

In-depth Comparison Between Automatic vs. Manual Vacuum Sealer

This section discusses an in-depth comparison of the manual and automatic vacuum sealer. Read them carefully if you want to make a precise decision.


An automatic vacuum sealer is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to be skilled or professional to work with these devices. Even a novice can seal bags of food using an automatic vacuum sealer. These sealers usually come with a one-touch operation feature. You need to press the required button, and the machine will do the rest itself. Also, it will stop vacuuming once the food item is appropriately vacuumed. However, most of them come with different functionalities to meet your needs.

On the other hand, in order to get the best benefit from a manual vacuum sealer, you have to be familiar with the device. They are equipped with a timer that allows you to adjust the vacuum cycle runs. Once you identify the proper time for vacuuming the food item, the device stops working and seals the food. So, learning about time is pretty significant in this case.

When discussing usability, an automatic vacuum sealer is a complete winner. As we said earlier, a newbie will not face difficulty in operating it. While you need to find, the accurate vacuum cycle runs to work with a manual vacuum sealer.


If you are looking for a compact and small vacuum sealer, an automatic vacuum food sealer will be an ideal choice. They are designed to be small and don’t take much space. You can store them in the kitchen cabinet or other areas quite efficiently.

Meanwhile, a manual vacuum sealer comes with a chamber-like design. They are bigger and larger, taking much space in the storage area. Moreover, after storing them in a place, moving them is challenging.

So, in terms of design, it is a tie. Depending on the space in your kitchen, you can choose either an automatic or manual vacuum sealer.

Weight & Portability

An automatic vacuum sealer is undoubtedly lightweight for being compact and small. You can easily carry or move them to different places.

While manual vacuum sealers are bulky for their chamber-like design, after installing them in a place, it would be best not to move or carry them from one place to another.

In the case of weight and portability, an automatic vacuum sealer is a winner. They give you the flexibility to work with them in different situations.


You will have to cost $100 – $300 to buy an automatic vacuum sealer. In contrast, a manual vacuum sealer’s cost range is $400 – $800. In order to buy a commercial manual vacuum sealer, you need to pay more than $1000.

Automatic vs. Manual Vacuum Sealer – Which one to Choose?

Whether you need an automatic or manual vacuum sealer entirely depends on your personal preference.

Choose an automatic vacuum sealer, if

  • Your budget is tight
  • You have compact space in the kitchen
  • You want to save time

Choose a manual vacuum sealer, if

  • Space is not a concern
  • You want to handle heavy-sealing tasks
  • You want to use it for commercial purposes

Wrap Up

Both automatic vs. manual vacuum sealers have distinctive features, benefits, and cons. They are efficient in their functionalities and save a lot of hassle by delivering good performance.

These tools will help you save valuable money, time, and effort. At the same time, they are versatile and improve your productivity in the kitchen.

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