Why Portable Induction Burner is the Best Option Available for Outdoor Cooking

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From the prehistoric era, cooking has been an unavoidable part of the day to day activities for us. We’ve come a long way since we tamed friendly fire. Roasting raw meat in the naked fire with salt has now turned into beautiful mixtures of herbs and spices with carefully selected food and most importantly the heat source has been changed dramatically since recent times.

As you already got an idea of what the portable induction burner, why not give a read to its advantages?

Simple gas burning technology has been aiding us for generations but trends are resetting these days. In the 20th century, there’s been the invention of two techniques – microwave and induction, in short.

The microwave is, simply put, high-energy radio waves put through the food to heat it up. It takes significantly less amount of time to heat the food than the tech we’re used to using. The microwave is a very familiar technology in modern days.

The other one is relatively less popular because of the nature of its origin. Induction cooking is told to be the perfect replacement for gas. In this approach, the pan itself works as the heat source rather than heating it from outside. Electromagnetism is used to heat up the pan and turn it into a cooker which we can use to cook food more efficiently using noticeably less amount of energy. But unlike other forms, induction cooking is not clearly understood by many. Let’s take a closer look at this new technology.

But whenever it comes to buy the best magnetic induction burner from the market it takes much effort to choose the best one. Cause this induction burner will increase your productivity overnight. Don’t trust me? Give it a read.

Induction uses the simple magnetic fields found in the iron or stainless steel. In the appropriate range, the induction cooktops “induces” heat by means of fluctuating magnetic field in the cooking vessels (base of the pan to be exact) made of exclusively iron or stainless steel. The magnetic field produces eddy current in the vessel, where the cooking pot and the current then dissipates heat as it swirls around the vessel with nowhere to go. Thus the ferromagnetic cooking pan acts as the cooker when it comes to induction cooking.

When you’re thinking outdoor the best solution is induction cooktops. These are portable, user-friendly, there’s no potential fire hazard, no outside setting is necessary rather than a multi-plug and energy-efficient at the same time! The blessings are limitless.

Pros of Induction Cooktops


Ease of use is one of the many charms found in a portable induction cooktop. Heat control will pull you further into this beautiful technology. Precise temperature management is one of many favorite features that makes it lovable to expert chefs for reliable and repeatable culinary action. Built-in-timer is just another feather in the cap. It gives you the exact control you’d want in your ideal burners. Again the glass top makes it so much easier to clean and maintain the apparatus after usage and maintaining while not in usage. Cleaning after a messy cooking session is always dreadful, and it has become a thing of the past.


Lack of open fire or a primitive style naked flame burner gives a sigh of relief to many – particularly when children are involved in the outdoor parties. While operating in indoor, no dangerous smoke or fume is emitted. So overall safety issues can be minimized with no visible health risk. With all of these said and done, the cooking pan will be very hot depending on the setting you’ll be using. So the cooktop might not be your health risk, but the pan or cookery you’ll be using might be.


Energy consumption is far less than any traditional method available. You can get the work done you were supposed to with much less wastage. Naked flame burners are really in-efficient, the heat produced in these cannot be 100% put to use. They mainly focused area gets heat which is not evenly distributed and much of it cannot be utilized. Whereas the cooktops change the pan we’re using into cooker themselves and the all available heat is produced in the bottom portion of the pans. All of these eddy-produced heat is used to prepare meals without any wastage.


The size of the burner is and always has been one of the greatest drawbacks of gas burners. When we’re considering outdoors, it’s one of the most inconvenient parts of cooking – like how big or how small my container needs to be on par with arrangement and people I’m cooking for and in what rate I need my cooking done. With induction technology involved, size is a thing of the past. Dynamic pans can be used to match with your taste and need and as long as we’re talking ferromagnetic such as iron or stainless steel, literarily anything is usable. So versatile culinary equipment is one of the sexiest features of the best induction cooktops.


Sleek glass exterior can be very attractive. It can be reflective of your inner beauty enthusiast and an example of a classic mentality. Without any shred of doubt, flat glass based induction cooktops will be the star child of your kitchen. These induction cooktops have upped the games in terms of design by seamlessly blending with the kitchen décor.


This may not be many of your cup of tea, but the gas we use in the burner is methane, one of the main dreadful greenhouse gas you keep hearing about. After the industrial emission of harmful gases, methane holds a strong position causing weather anomaly all over the globe. Gas burners are the main source of it. So the electric induction cooktop gets a plus one for being eco-friendly. Again the heat production rate of an induction cooktop is blazing fast compared to microwave or gas burner or even electric cooktops. The water heats up almost fifty percent faster on average. So less energy consumption paves the way to becoming the best cooking technology of recent times and at the same time, it is helping us to keep mother nature clean and beautiful.


Cleaning the cookware has never been this easy! It’s a common practice to separate the cooker from a cooktop with a piece of cloth to manage the mess by accidental spilling. A simple cloth is not affected by the induction hence it’s easier to maintain the cleaning simply using a piece of cloth.

With all said and done, there is no good without bad, so let’s see some of the induction cooktop problems users face frequently.

The Secura Portable induction burner comes with 15 power level that helps to cook every kind of food. It also helps to boil, fry, grill, barbeque. Not only that it has 15 different temperature settings. These temperature settings allow keeping the food warm. You can simmer, high, or provide low heat according to your needs.

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Disadvantages of Induction Cooktops

One of the many cons of induction technology is their dependency on ferromagnetic pans. Without the proper materials, the cooker wouldn’t even take off. Aluminum or Copper carries electron well so eddy current isn’t produced that much. So number one drawback would be the iron dependency. One good way to check if a pan would work properly.

Next, we can name the energy source. Yes, I’ve been campaigning good things about energy efficiency and whatnot but electricity can be scarce depending on time and place. No electricity equals no cooking. Period.

The temperature readings may not be accurate. Depending on the size of the cookware and time period the same setting may just yield different results altogether. So your last resort would be the plain old analog thermometer. The induction cooktop generates a magnetic field so it’s not easy to relate to the temperature with the generated field. Analog is the savior in the end.

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