Best Easy Tutorial on How to Make Smoothies Without Yogurt

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If you want to get some relief on a hot summer day, a glass of smoothie could really change the whole vibe. It will make you feel fresh and let you enjoy your summer. Additionally, a glass of smoothie every morning could be beneficial for your health. However, smoothies are mostly made with yogurt and that is why you may want to avoid it. So, is there any way to make a glass of fresh smoothie without yogurt? Yes. 

There are many simple ways to make smoothies without ingredients. In this article, we will tell how to make smoothies without yogurt. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to make anything. We will tell you the easiest way to make a glass of smoothies without yogurt. So, let’s go below and find the recipe.

What is Smoothie?

Some of the readers may not have been introduced to smoothie yet. In case, if you don’t know, let’s get a bit more detailed idea about smoothie before going to the main part of this article.

Smoothie is a drink that is made out of fruit with a combination of ice, yogurt, and sugar. You can make a glass of smoothie with any of your favorite fruit. It will not only give you a fresh start of the day but also provide a nutrition value for you.

If you are a vegetarian you can also have this delightful drink without milk or yogurt. You can make a smoothie without any ingredients in your home. A glass of smoothie will make your hot summer day much more relaxing.

How to Make Smoothies Without Yogurt

So, no more prep talks. Let’s get in the works! First of all, let’s see the list of elements you need to collect below:

  1. 2 Bananas
  2. 8 to 10 fresh and ripe Strawberries
  3. Ice cube
  4. Sugar (If you like)
  5. Peanut Butter
  6. Milk- soy or non-fat
  7. Glass
  8. Blending Machine

If you have these elements on your table let’s get into the work. Don’t be afraid. You just need to follow some simple steps to make this delightful drink. Here are the steps below:

1. Slice the Bananas

Firstly, slice the bananas into pieces. You have to put them into your blending machine. Therefore, divide them into small pieces. It will help you to blend them swiftly.  

2. Cut the Stems from Strawberries

Before cutting the stems from the strawberries you should wash them properly in your sink. Also, you can use a bowl to wash them at ease. After washing them, cut the stems and put them on your blending machine.

3.  Pour the Milk

Now, get one cup of milk and pour it into the blending machine. You can either use soy milk or low-fat milk which is completely up to your choice. Besides, if you don’t like to add any kind of milk you can use water.

4. Put the Peanut Butter

If you don’t like to add sugar in your drink, peanut butter will work as a substitute. It will also add flavor and make your beverage much more enjoyable. So, put a tablespoon peanut butter with the rest of the elements into your blending machine.

5. Drop the Ice-Cubes

Now, drop some ice cubes on your blending machine. It will help you make your drink cold. You will surely love to have a frozen drink in the hot summer.

6. Turn on your Blending Machine

We are almost there! Now, secure the lid and turn on your blending machine. Keep it on high-speed to make sure everything is seamlessly blended. Now turn off the blending machine if you see every element is perfectly mixed.

7. Enjoy your Drink

Congratulation! You have made a delicious drink! Now, put your beverage on the glass carefully. It’s Time to enjoy!

5 Health Benefits of Smoothies

You have already learned how to make delicious smoothies, now let’s find out what are the benefits of having them daily. We will let you know the 5 major benefits of smoothies below.

1. Stop Dehydration 

We all know how sweaty the summer days could be. Thus, we take more water during the summer days. A glass of smoothie in the morning could prevent dehydration in the summer days.

2. Boost-up Immunity

Smoothies are made out of fresh fruits that help to improve the immune system. If you have a habit of taking a glass of smoothie daily, certainly, your immunity system will increase.

3. Improve Digestion

In a glass of smoothie, you will get fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for better digestion. Thus, if you drink smoothies daily, your digestive system will be much better.

4. Essential for Bone and Tooth

A glass of smoothies contains calcium which is extremely beneficial for your tooth and bones. If your body lacks calcium then you should start drinking smoothies immediately. 

5. Make You Feel Fresh

After drinking a glass of smoothie, you will feel fresh immediately. It helps to detoxify your body which will let you stay in good health. During the summer days, a glass of smoothie in the morning could really make a big impact on your body.

Bonus Point

Smoothies are a perfect substitute for soft drinks. These drinks cause a lot of harm to your body. So, if you can replace the soft drinks with smoothies, it will make a huge impact on your body.


Okay, folks! Now you know what are the benefits of drinking smoothies along with how to make smoothies without yogurt. If you want to get more easy tutorials on how to make other stuff click here. 

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