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An air fryer is a great kitchen appliance. These are used for making fried foods like meat pastries and French fries. It works simply. By circulating the hot air around the food and make them crispy at the exterior.

This also results in chemical reactions. In the presence of amino, acid sugar gets lessened by the heat. And it also enhances the taste of the food. Making it delicious.

Where in the case of normal fry in the kitchen you will need the food to be submerged in oil. Air fryer just requires a tablespoon of oil. So it is very handy.

This handy tool requires maintenance. Because without proper maintenance it may lose its durability. So you need to find the proper way to maintain an air fryer. But before maintenance, you are suggested to take a short tour of the advantages of using an air fryer.

Now, let’s hop in and try to learn about the maintenance of this kitchen appliance.

Maintaining Air Fryer

The best ways to maintain an air fryer are given below. Let’s dive deep.


For cleaning thebest air fryer you should follow basic tricks. Unplug it from the connection. Wipe the outside with a damp cloth. Wash inside parts after disassembling them with dishwashing soap and hot water.

Clean the pan, tray, and basket with hot water and detergent solution. There may be food stuck to the heating element above the basket. Try cleaning it with a brush.

Make sure the pan, tray and the basket are properly dry before putting them back into the fryer.

You can keep your fryer clean by following these basic steps.

Proper Storing

After cleaning the device you have to make sure that you store it in a safe place. Try to wait 30 minutes for the device to come to the room temperature before you are putting it away.

At the time of storing the device, you might want to make sure the device is in an upright position and not plugged in.

By doing this you can keep your device safely stored.

Keeping in Optimum Work Condition

This refers to some basic steps. You should read the manual carefully after buying the air fryer. Try to maintain the rules and regulations regarding cooking. You should not add extra oil or liquid than required.

And try to cook the type of food only it is compatible.

After each use cleaning is a must for the good condition of the air fryer. Unless this it may slowly lose its efficiency.

Try to inspect the priors of the device to use. Make sure every part of the device is in good condition.

Always try to keep it in an upright position.

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Making Sure of the Size

If you haven’t bought an air fryer yet the first thing that you consider is its size. The use of quarts parameter to measure the size of this device. And they vary from the range 2.5-6.

Depending on the use and your family members you can buy a suitable sized air fryer.

Before buying it tries to check the measurement of the air fryer. And try to keep the air fryer maintained accordingly.

Try Not to Overload

Keep it in mind that the air fryer is a small version of the oven. While cooking in an oven you wouldn’t stack chicken breasts on top of each other. Same case for an air fryer. Try not to overload the food basket.

Some of the fryers come with a rack allowing the second layer of food above the basket. For those, you may want to add cooking food accordingly. But again don’t overdo it. It’s very much necessary.

Choose Recipes Carefully

It’s easy to adapt all the recipes for fryers. But the best outcome will come from the oven recipes. This helps the functioning of the fryer to a great extent.

You are just going to lower the temperature down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Here you will need 20 percent less cooking time. So it’s time-saving also. Though this can vary on the type of cooking food.

So try to know about the recipe to maintain the working condition of your fryer up to the mark.

Before choosing your recipes, you are highly suggested to read about the safety concern.


As told before air fryer is a small type of oven. So like oven this device requires preheating also. To do this you should turn on the device just before putting the food in the basket. This is very simple but people overlook it.

Try to Shake the Basket During Cooking

This might sound a bit manual but shaking the basket while cooking is very essential to get the proper output. It will help the foods to get even heat. Try to give the basket a few shakes while cooking process.

For this, you can keep the air fryer running and take the basket out of it and then shake it. If you want your food to be crispy then this trick will work like magic. But don’t try to overdo this.

This brings out the proper use of the device. And keep it in good shape.

Use Foil

For the messy types of items, you may want foil paper. You can place these foil papers on the top of the air fryer basket. The force of air may try to fly away from the sheets of the air fryer. Make sure the food is enough heavy to carry its weight.

These are the tips and tricks that can help you to maintain your fryer. So try to follow them as told.

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Air fryers are very handy kitchen appliance. If you have bought an air fryer, you would like to make the proper use of it and make sure it’s worth it. So try to maintain the tips to take care of your device. These tips are beneficial for prolonging the lifetime of your device. Try to maintain them accordingly.

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