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From the prehistoric era, cooking has been an unavoidable part of the day to day activities for us. We’ve come a long way since we tamed friendly fire. Roasting raw meat in the naked fire with salt has now turned into beautiful mixtures of herbs and spices with carefully selected food and most importantly the heat source has been changed dramatically since recent times.

Simple gas burning technology has been aiding us for generations but trends are resetting these days. In the 20th century, there’s been the invention of two techniques – microwave and induction, in short.

The microwave is, simply put, high-energy radio wave put through the food to heat it up. It takes significantly less amount of time to heat the food than the tech we’re used to using. The microwave is a very familiar technology in modern days.

The other one is relatively less popular because of the nature of its origin. Induction cooking is told to be the perfect replacement for gas. In this approach, the pan itself works as the heat source rather than heating it from outside. Electromagnetism is used to heat up the pan and turn it into a cooker which we can use to cook food more efficiently using noticeably less amount of energy. But unlike other forms, induction cooking is not clearly understood by many. Let’s take a closer look at this new technology.

Induction uses the simple magnetic fields found in the iron or stainless steel. In the appropriate range, the induction cooktops “induces” heat by means of fluctuating magnetic field in the cooking vessels (base of the pan to be exact) made of exclusively iron or stainless steel. The magnetic field produces eddy current in the vessel, where the cooking pot and the current then dissipates heat as it swirls around the vessel with nowhere to go. Thus the ferromagnetic cooking pan acts as the cooker when it comes to induction cooking.

When you’re thinking outdoor the best solution is induction cooktops. These are portable, user-friendly, there’s no potential fire hazard, no outside setting is necessary rather than a multi-plug and energy efficient at the same time! The blessings are limitless.

Pros of Induction Cooktops


Ease of use is one of the many charms found in a portable induction cooktop. Heat control will pull you further into this beautiful technology. Precise temperature management is one of many favorite features that makes it lovable to expert chefs for reliable and repeatable culinary action. Built-in-timer is just another feather in the cap. It gives you the exact control you’d want in your ideal burners. Again the glass top makes it so much easier to clean and maintain the apparatus after usage and maintaining while not in usage. Cleaning after a messy cooking session is always dreadful, and it has become a thing of the past.


Lack of open fire or a primitive style naked flame burner gives a sigh of relief to many – particularly when children are involved in the outdoor parties. While operating in indoor, no dangerous smoke or fume is emitted. So overall safety issue can be minimized with no visible health risk. With all of these said and done, the cooking pan will be very hot depending on the setting you’ll be using. So the cooktop might not be your health risk, but the pan or cookery you’ll be using might be.


Energy consumption is far less than any traditional method available. You can get the work done you were supposed to with much less wastage. Naked flame burners are really in-efficient, the heat produced in these cannot be 100% put to use. The mainly focused area gets heat which is not evenly distributed and much of it cannot be utilized. Whereas the cooktops change the pan we’re using into cooker themselves and the all available heat is produced in the bottom portion of the pans. All of these eddy-produced heat is used to prepare meals without any wastage.


Size of the burner is and always has been one of the greatest drawbacks of gas burners. When we’re considering outdoors, it’s one of the most inconvenient parts of cooking – like how big or how small my container needs to be on par with arrangement and people I’m cooking for and in what rate I need my cooking done. With induction technology involved, size is a thing of the past. Dynamic pans can be used to match with your taste and need and as long as we’re talking ferromagnetic such as iron or stainless steel, literarily anything is usable. So versatile culinary equipment is one of the sexiest features of the best induction cooktops.


Sleek glass exterior can be very attractive. It can be reflective of your inner beauty enthusiast and an example of classic mentality. Without any shred of doubt, flat glass based induction cooktops will be the star child of your kitchen. These induction cooktops have upped the games in terms of design by seamlessly blending with the kitchen décor.


This may not be many of your cup of tea, but the gas we use in the burner is methane, one of the main dreadful greenhouse gas you keep hearing about. After the industrial emission of harmful gases, methane holds the strong position causing weather anomaly all over the globe. Gas burners are the main source for it. So electric induction cooktop gets a plus one for being eco-friendly. Again the heat production rate of an induction cooktop is blazing fast compared to microwave or gas burner or even electric cooktops. Water heats up almost fifty percent faster on an average. So less energy consumption paves the way to becoming the best cooking technology of recent times and at the same time, it is helping us to keep mother nature clean and beautiful.


Cleaning the cookware have never been this easy! It’s a common practice to separate the cooker from cooktop with a piece of cloth to manage the mess by accidental spilling. A simple cloth is not affected by the induction hence it’s easier to maintain the cleaning simply using a piece of cloth.

With all said and done, there is no good without bad, so let’s see some of the induction cooktop problems users face frequently.

Disadvantages of Induction Cooktops

One of the many cons of induction technology is their dependency on ferromagnetic pans. Without the proper materials, the cooker wouldn’t even take off. Aluminum or Copper carries electron well so eddy current isn’t produced that much. So number one drawback would be the iron dependency. One good way to check if a pan would work properly.

Next, we can name the energy source. Yes, I’ve been campaigning good things about energy efficiency and whatnot but electricity can be scarce depending on time and place. No electricity equals no cooking. Period.

The temperature readings may not be accurate. Depending on the size of the cookware and time period the same setting may just yield different results altogether. So your last resort would be the plain old analog thermometer. The induction cooktop generates a magnetic field so it’s not easy to relate to the temperature with the generated field. Analog is the savior in the end.

“Induction cooktop” is the trendiest buzzword in the culinary area these days. Applying induction technologies is not only tech savvy but also gives off a classy vibe altogether. It has been said that in 5-7 years period we’ll all be using induction technologies. So better get into future while it is hot.

Having said that, it’s not always cherry on top situation. No such thing exists where good things happen without some bad. Using the cooktop will render some noteworthy benefits but there are some interesting bad sides to it too!

Story behind the story

At first, you’d have to understand how an induction cooktop works. The induction tech is based upon the properties of ferromagnetic metals. The coil in the cooktop generates an electromagnetic field around or on top of your cooktop. This field virtually on existent. You can’t see or hear or feel it in any way. However, this electromagnetic field or EMF, in short, can produce heat on one condition we’ve already mentioned – the ferromagnetic metal. No need to stress over how you’d know or check if the pan would work. Just test if it is attracted to a good magnet. If it does, then you are good to go. When the field goes through the metallic pan or any cookery – it will become exceptionally hot! The field would generate the same type of field in the pan and this would create “Eddy current”. With nowhere to go this current just runs amok and this creates heat. That is the main essence of induction cooking.

Be careful about the EMF!

The main danger from the cooktop is the EMF generated. It’s been well advised that people with a pacemaker or embedded defibrillators or most widely known as Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) must not go near an induction cooktop. The EMF may interfere with the sensitive technology causing a health hazard.

Don’t keep it close!

For general people, the EMF can harm us. There’s a limit by which we have to abide by. The general rule for doing so is to stay 1 meter away from the cooktop! Which is quite impossible.

You’ve known about induction cooktops/ranges and probably using one right now. It’s this life-changing technology that makes cooking not only look easy but also made the actual sweating work much much easier than it used to be. Portable induction cooktops will help you both in indoor and outdoor cooking in a much safer environment than your typical average gas burner or microwave.

So how does your pan heats up on its own without any visible flame? The answer is this quite amazing tech called induction technology. If you’re anything close to kitchen geek, then you know about it. Coil placed inside the cooktop throws what scientists like to call a “magnetic field” which in turn goes through your iron or stainless steel pan (or any ferromagnetic cookery. You can check this by using magnets. If magnet sticks to your stuff, then it will heat up on the induction range/cooktop). This much is pretty basic and it’s clear that induction cooking technology is here to stay. Today we’ll take a deeper dive into the things related to all things induction.

So we’re going to talk about cooking with a portable induction cooktop –not how to turn on an induction cooktop or anything along the line, just a few guidelines to get the best out of the whole experience.

Keep your eyes on the voltage

Your cooktop runs on electricity. Like all other appliances, there’s a limit of current-voltage input there. There are two kinds of appliances – one is made to operate in America: runs on 100 V and other is for Europe and Asia and other places where it runs on 220V. So, word of advice here is to check your cooktop compatibility with your electricity port and vice versa. If your cooktop doesn’t match your port don’t be disheartened. You can always use a transformer to match your needs.

Keep other devices safe

Underneath the sleek glass cover and the savvy tech, there’s something called electromagnetic field generator. There are coils of wire all over (or should I say under?) the place. When you properly turn on the cooktop these coils generate the field. Put through a ferromagnetic cookery it heats up, just like I’ve explained before. But going through your other electrical appliances it’ll magnetize and disrupt them. Sound recorder, TV, camera might not work the same way as before. So it’d be better to keep other electronic and mobile devices at least 3m away from the cooktop. Otherwise, they will be affected and magnetized and their working value would be gone.

Experts know it best

The cooktop is made up of a complex wiring system and circuitry to meet your everyday needs. But poking inside the cooktop is never a good idea unless you’re trained to do that of course. If you’re facing problems, it is wise to call for expert help or taking it to the properly trained technicians.

Minimal temperature requirements

Along with electrical appliances, it’s wise to keep your cooktop away from heating and steam source. Keep the cooktop at least 15 cm away. To keep your cooktop healthy and well maintained try to store it at 10 – 40 °C.

Remove the pan, when you can

Be sure not to overheat the cooktop from the cooking pan. Avoid leaving the red-hot utensils on the cooktop after you’re done with it.

Let it cool down

After you’re done with the cooktop remove the pan which I’ve previously suggested but do not turn it off immediately. Chances are if you’re using one of the best portable induction cooktops then it’ll automatically have a fan installed, which is much needed by the way. The cooktop doesn’t automatically heat up but the pans and other utensils will. So, the fan tries to keep the cooktop from overheating. It is highly recommended that you do not turn it off immediately and let the fan turn off automatically. Also, do not touch the heated cooktop surface barehanded until the “H” letter turns off.

Maximize your output

While choosing frying pans to make sure to cover the whole range of frying pan. Smaller than the size mentioned in the cooktop glass will work but not efficiently, the magnetic fields generated will be wasted on nothing.

Don’t overdo it!

This is the last one and probably the most important one in this bunch, always try to avoid the highest temperature setting in your cooktop. Try to cook at 70-80% of the highest temperature available.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient fast cooker that is environment-friendly, then you are at the right place. The portable induction burner is a perfect substitution for your gas, stove or electric coils. It not only cooks fast but also preserves taste and nutrition. It’s a revolutionary kitchen gadget which comes with different attractive features such as power levels and temperature adjustment, auto-pan detection technology, diagnostic error message showing system, high or low voltage warning etc.  With easy cleaning facility and child lock mood features, it has become an essential part of your kitchen.

In this article, we not only reviewed best portable induction burners in the recent market within reasonable price range along with comparison chart but we have also discussed what is induction burner, how it works and a complete buying guideline that will surely provide details knowledge of portable induction burners. Hope you enjoy!

What is Portable Induction Burner?

Portable induction burner is different from traditional stoves, gas or electrical coils. It follows magnetic induction principle and conducts heat directly to the cooking vessel. That is why you can cook faster than normal with this induction burner. It is also energy efficient. When this induction burner is lightweight and compact so that you can easily handle then that kind of burner is called portable induction burner. In a portable induction burner, you will find no flames or heat that will generate while you are cooking. So it is free from any air pollution and dust and dirt.

Advantages of Using a Portable Induction Burner

If any question arises in your mind that is induction cooker better or not! Then let us get to know about the advantages of using a portable induction burner.

  • An induction burner uses 70 percent less energy than typical stove or gas cooker. As the induction burner only heats the cookware when it is in contact with the cooktop. So it is environment-friendly.
  • You can set your desired power level and adjust the temperature settings. This manual power level and temperature setting allow preserving the taste and nutrition of the food.
  • There you will find auto-pan detection technology. This auto-pan detection technology helps you turn off your induction burner automatically when there is no cookware in contact with the cooktop for a certain period, generally 60 seconds. This saves electrical wastage.
  • For getting instant heat for cooking there is no alternative of induction burner. It can produce heat far quickly than stoves or gas.
  • Most of the induction burner comes with the child lock feature. This is the coolest thing on an induction burner. Just like the auto- pan detection it also turns off the burner automatically when you put off your pot or cookware. But if child lock is enabled the burner will be turned off instantly. So there is no risk of a causing accident.
  • There is no or minimal risk of causing an accident. Due to the diagnostic error message showing system and low and high voltage warning system, you can easily avoid and be concern what’s going wrong. Also as there is no flame or fume or there are minimal risks of causing accidents.
  • As the surface of the induction burner is smooth there so there is no unwanted trouble cleaning the cooktop of the induction burner. Only wiping through a damp cloth will do the work.
  • As this is portable so most of the induction burner comes with light weight compact design and easy handling option.

Comparison Chart

Image Product Name Product Info Price
Secura 9100MC Secura Model: 9100MC
Size: 14×11.4×2.1 in
Weight: 7.05 Pounds
Power Level: 15
Temperature: 140 to 460
Check Price
Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Duxtop Model: 9600LS
Size: 14×11.4×2.5 in
Weight: 7.3 Pounds
Power Level: 20
Temperature: 100 to 460
Check Price
Gourmia GIC-100 Burner Gourmia Model: GIC-100
Size: 14.5×11.2×2.5 in
Weight: 4.9 Pounds
Power Level: 8
Temperature: 140 to 460
Check Price
Chef’s Star Portable Induction Burner Chef’s Star Model: SYNCHKG105682
Size: 17.7×15.3×4.5 in
Weight: 6.7 Pounds
Power Level: 15
Temperature: 140 to 465
Check Price
Max Burton 6200 Max Burton Model: 6200
Size: 13.3×12.5×2.6 in
Weight: 8.1 Pounds
Power Level: 10
Temperature: 100 to 450
Check Price
NuWave 30153 NuWave Model: 30153
Size: 15.8×14.5×3.5 in
Weight: 8.6 Pounds
Power Level: 6
Temperature: 100 to 575
Check Price
EurKitchen Portable Induction Burner EurKitchen Model: EK-IC-1
Size: 15.2x11x2.4 in
Weight: 5.95 Pounds
Power Level: 17
Temperature: 140 to 460
Check Price
Duxtop 8100MC Portable Burner Duxtop Model: 8100MC
Size: 13×11.5×2.5 in
Weight: 6.7 Pounds
Power Level: 10
Temperature: 140 to 460
Check Price
Rosewill Induction Cooker Rosewill Model: RHAI-15001
Size: 14.8×11.7×2.4 in
Weight: 8.6 Pounds
Power Level: 5
Temperature: 150 to 450
Check Price
Nesco PIC-14 Nesco Model: PIC-14
Size: 14×11.5×2.3 in
Weight: 5.5 Pounds
Power Level: 5
Temperature: N/A
Check Price

Our Top Picks

Before proceeding to our review section there may seem a question how we have selected these top 10 portable induction burners out of vast products in the market. The answer is simple. First, our experts have sort out vast products from the market, then they filtered by price range, took an insight look to their beneficial features, observed their user experience, feedback and finally they selected these best portable induction burners only for you.

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Secura 9100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Review

Secura 9100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

With 15 power levels for delicious and perfect cooking with a digital timer having different temperature settings, the Secura Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner has listed at the very top of the best portable induction burner reviews. With advanced auto-pan detection technology and warning system, this induction burner takes your cooking to a new height. Now let’s look shortly at the features and benefits of this induction burner.

Features and Benefits

User-Friendly Digital Control Panel
Secura Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner is lightweight and easy to handle because of it’s easy digital control feature. You can find 15 different power levels in this digital control feature. These different power levels help you to adjust the temperature automatically if you deep-fry, stir-fry, grill or even barbeque. You will also find 15 different temperature ranging from 140 to 460-degrees F.
Digital Timer for Perfect Cooking
This cooktop burner is equipped with a countdown timer it helps to boil or cook your food perfectly. It will provide you 1 min increment and you can perform the increment up to 170 minutes.
Detection Technology and Warning System
This Secura Induction Burner comes with auto-pan detection technology. Moreover, if anything goes wrong there will show error messages. Also, this feature gives warning when the voltage is high or low.
Wide Compatibility
This burner is compatible with induction ready cookware like cast iron or steel or even stainless steel. But the stainless steel cookware must have a ferrous bottom or magnetic bottom. Also, aluminum enameled iron pot is compatible with this induction burner. The cooking surface gives a uniform heating option.
  • Digital control panel for easy controlling.
  • Built-in digital timer for cooking perfectly.
  • Enabled with a warning system.
  • Error message showing facility.
  • Multiple power levels.
  • Wide compatible cookware.
  • For heating, a large pot there can seem some problem heating uniformly.


At the end, this countertop induction burner with various facility of digital control panel, digital timer, and different power level features has gained popularity in today’s market. The diagnostic error showing system adds uniqueness to its quality. Though heating a large pot may be a problem but if you are aware of the pot sizes then it won’t be a problem anymore. That is why it is considered one of the best portable induction burner in the recent market.

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Duxtop 9600LS Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Review

Duxtop LCD Portable Induction Burner 9600LS

If youare looking for a portable induction burner that is compact and lightweight and consists all the essential features like timer facility, auto-pan detection feature, noise cancellation or even automatic shut off feature then the Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner is here for you. Let’s dive into the details of this induction burner why it is listed in our best portable induction burner reviews lists.

Features and Benefits

Touch Sensor Control with LCD Display
This Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner comes with a touch control panel. A digital LCD sensor is equipped with this control panel. By using this control panel, you can easily boil your food or even keep your food warm. There you will find simple buttons that will help you to perform the function.
Compact Design with Digital Timer Facility
This portable induction burner has a compact design and it is very lightweight to handle. It is not comforting for handling but also fits well at any nook and corner in your home. Moreover, this lightweight and compact cooktop burner require only 120 volts and 15 amps electricity.
Also, this cooktop burner is equipped with a digital timer which ranges from 1 minute and increases to 10 hours. Also, you will find 20 temperature classification (power levels) which ranges from 100 to 460 degree Fahrenheit. The power also can level up to 100-1800 watts. This universal electrical burner required a 5 ft. cord to start your cooking.
Auto-Pan Detection Technology
This premium cookware is embedded in cast aluminum iron or cast iron. It is also featured with unique auto-pan detection technology. This feature helps to automatically shut off cooking after 60 seconds. Moreover, it provides error messages if something goes wrong like, incorrect cookware. Also, it provides high voltage and low voltage warning.
Noiseless Burner
This cooktop induction burner from Duxtop comes with a noiseless facility. If your cookware is not ready it won’t function. It follows the rule of thumb. It means it will only function if you have the right cookware. When the magnet will stick to the cooking vessel only then the induction is ready to use. Though it’s a noiseless burner because of the clad hardware you may hear a high pitched sound. There is multiple metal layer which provides extra safety while the induction burner is ready to use.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Quick operating.
  • LCD display.
  • Easy touch controlling panel.
  • Requires low voltage and power.
  • Enhanced with digital timer.
  • Long cord.
  • Compact design and lightweight handling facility.
  • Automatic shut off technology.
  • No simmer or low heat facility. But it can keep your food warm with its medium heat.
  • The temperature setting control panel might seem confusing if you don’t read the manual guideline properly.


Finally, this cooktop induction burner from the manufacturer Duxtop provides premium quality feature whereas the cons can be easily negligible to state. As we see from the review there is no simmer facility. But the medium heating temperature will surely do the work. Moreover, the easy touch sensor panel with LCD display and automatic shut off technology make it worth to list it in our best portable induction burner reviews.

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Gourmia GIC-100 Multifunction Portable Induction Burner Review

Gourmia GIC-100 Portable Induction Cooker

If you are looking for all-in-one portable induction burner, then Gourmia Multifunction Portable Induction Burner is here for you. This energy saving efficient cooking burner helps you to boil, simmer, slow cook, or even deep-fry and stir-fry. Moreover, you can do grilling, barbeque or even sear and steam. It is also equipped with an overheat sensor. That is why it is listed in our best portable induction burner reviews lists. Now let’s take a short look at the features and benefits of this induction burner.

Features and Benefits

Different Power Levels with Different Temperature Settings
Gourmia Multifunctioning Portable Induction Burner provides you ultra-precise cooking. You will find eight different power level by which you can boil, simmer, barbeque, grill. Also, you can deep-fry, stir-fry and melt. These different power levels are powered by different temperature settings. The temperature ranges from 140 to 460-degree F. Moreover, you will find knob dial by which you can set up your desired temperature and a digital display that you show your temperature.
Digital Timer with Auto-Shut Feature
This induction burner comes with a 180-minute timer. It saves energy up to 90 percent rather than any typical gas or electric stove. The overheating sensor along with inline fuse makes this induction burner one of the best portable induction burners.
Non-Stick able Cooktop Surface
This Gourmia induction burner has a non-stick able cooktop surface. Because of this feature, it is easy to clean. Although the non-stick able cooktop won’t burn your food if you overheat somehow.
Auto-Sensor to Turn On the Burner
There you will find an auto sensor that you help you to turn on your burner when it will find cooking vessel on top. If there is no pot the burner will show E1 that means there is no pan or pot. Moreover, the child lock feature prevents your child from using or causing an accident.
  • Eight power levels.
  • Eight temperature settings.
  • Digital display.
  • Enable with knob display.
  • Easy cleaning facility.
  • Non-burn, non-stick cooktop.
  • Enabled with child lock feature.
  • There is a fan to keep the overheat in control. That may seem noisy.


Overall, this countertop induction burner with eight power levels and eight temperature settings have gained popularity among customers. Though some customers find the induction burner to be noisy with its multifunctioning cooking feature the cons can be easily omitted. That is why it is considered one of the best portable induction burners at today’s market.

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Chef’s Star Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Review

Chef's Star Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Chef’s Star Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner is one of the energy-efficient cooking burners on the market. With its adjustable temperature settings and other built-in features like digital timer, pan detection technology and a wide range of compatible pots makes it one of the best portable induction burners nowadays. Features and benefits of this countertop induction burner are given below.

Features and Benefits

Power Levels and Temperature Settings
This Chef’s Star Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner comes with 15 power levels requiring 200-1800 watts of power supply. Moreover, this induction burner has 15 temperature settings ranging from 140 degrees F to 465 degrees F.
Built-in Features
You will find digital control panel by which you can control the power level and adjust your desired temperature. Moreover, it has built-in digital timer having 1 min increments up to less than a minute of 3 hours. Also for ensuring safety auto-pan detection technology is equipped with it. This pan detection technology helps the induction burner to automatically turn off when there is no contact with the pan and the burner for a certain time. In addition, error messaging system is very helpful and warns you when there is high or low voltage.
Compatible Pots
Cast aluminum iron and steel pots are eligible to put on top of this induction burner. Also, you can keep pot made of stainless steel but should have a magnetic bottom. Or even you can use cast iron induction ready cookware.
  • It confirms energy-efficient cooking.
  • Multiple power levels ensure easy cooking.
  • Wide-ranging temperature settings.
  • Easy digital controlling panel.
  • The digital timer helps to cook food on its own.
  • It comes with pan detection system.
  • Diagnostic Error messaging system.
  • Due to the high speed of the fan and for reducing the overheating continuously the fan might cause some noise.


Finally, the noisy fan isn’t a big issue if it helps to lessen the overheat. That is why with various features and considering the benefits we have listed it in our best portable induction burner reviews lists.

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Max Burton 6200 Maxi-Matic Deluxe Induction Cooktop Review

Max Burton Induction Cooktop

This upgraded cooktop delivers a perfect cooking along with suitable functions and design. Being highly safe and fast, this is for those who want excellent serviceability. With portable facility, this is indeed a suitable burner to use at home and outside.

Features and Benefits

1800 Watt Cooktop along with Push-control Buttons and 10 Power Levels
The stainless construction of this best portable induction burner works at 1800 watt to provide sufficient induction. And to serve the highest quality, there are 10 different power levels for customization. With control buttons, this is a versatile one to work with.
Greater Safety through Automatic Shut Down and Temperature Control
There comes a timer of 180 minutes with auto shut down. In addition, there are 10 settings to adjust the temperature. Through these, it becomes quite safe to use this. Again, this product contains in-line fuse to prevent any sort of damage.
Includes LED Display and Provide Induction Compatibility with Detector
An LED display is there to inform about the ongoing condition of the cookware. This tabletop induction cooker features cookware detector to check the induction compatibility. In case of unsuitable ones, the detector traces the cookware and delivers the signal.
Superior Temperature Range of 100°- 400°F with Overheat Sensor
Through this, the user can go for a good and sufficient temperature to work with optimum safety. In fact, this cooktop can operate up to 400°F without any problem. The included overheat sensor prevents any damage due to overheating.
  • Stainless steel construction offers greater durability and superior serviceability.
  • Offers quick heating of food without creating any flame than gas or electric stoves.
  • Comes with an elegant design being suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Provides easy and preferable adjustment facility for temperature and cooking time.
  • Delivers ultimate safety and energy consumption through overheating protection.
  • The cooktop surface remains quite warm even after usage.
  • Being a bit heavy, it may seem to be uncomfortable to carry.
  • It is suitable for only specified and compatible cookware.


The combination of steel design and simple control buttons prevents any sort of accidental burning of food. Saving both money and time, this is a great burner to assist in the kitchen.

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NuWave 30153 Precision Induction Cooktop with Pan Review

NuWave Induction burner

The compact design of this induction cooktop allows preparing your favorite meals. Not to mention, you can go for a perfect meal within less time along with maximum efficiency. With heat transference, the surface remains quite cool while cooking.

Features and Benefits

Features 6 Pre-programmed Settings to Cook at 52 Temperatures
There are 6 pre-programmed settings for temperature adjustment to achieve precise cooking. The user can even cook at 52 different temperatures along with this. The cooking temperature ranges from 100°F to 525°F for this cooktop.
Offers 100 Hours of Program Memory and Cooking Performance
This ergonomic device contains programmable stage cooking. This facility comes with 100 hours of program memory as well as a performance at the same time. And with them, it is quite easy to obtain a precise cooking temperature.
Minimizes Energy Consumption up to 70% with 1300W Induction
This countertop induction burner requires 1300W of power to make a precise and perfect cooking. It also initiates quite fast heating. Through faster cooking, it saves sufficient amount of power. In fact, it can reduce the power consumption up to 70% at a time.
Features Lightweight Construction and Superior Safety Provisions
The sturdy but lightweight construction makes this one a rather portable one to use. Apart from that, this one is quite safe to use in the kitchen with suitable safety features. For overheating or other problems, it launches automatic shut-off.
  • Lightweight construction provides greater portability and outdoor usage.
  • Comes with 10° adjustments with 6 temperature settings for precision.
  • Includes LED panel to make adjustments and to observe the ongoing process.
  • Offers flexible cooking at 52 temperatures ranging from 100°F up to 525°F.
  • Reduces energy consumption up to 70% and requires less cooking time.
  • The cooking surface may seem to be a little small for certain usage.
  • Temperature adjustment may stop working after heavy usage.
  • Some defects may take place for the included overheating function.


Temperature control and adjustment make this one an elegant tool to use. Therefore, it becomes quite easy to use in the kitchen with ultimate safety. That is why it is listed at our top 10 portable induction burner reviews lists.

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EurKitchen Portable Induction Cooktop Burner Review

EurKitchen Portable Induction Cooktop Burner

EurKitchen Portable Induction Cooktop Burner is considered one of the best portable induction burner in the recent market because of its super energy-energy cooking procedure, fanning feature, auto-safety feature and different power level options. Now let’s take a detailed look at the feature of this portable burner.

Features and Benefits

Simple Temperature Controlling System and Touch Sensor Buttons
This EurKitchenCooktop Burner comes with touch sensor buttons. Also, you will find control wheel that is single illuminated. It is empowered with 17 different power levels. It also has a temperature adjustment of 140-460 degrees F. It requires a voltage of 200-1800W.
Timer and Error Detection Technology
This induction burner is enhanced with 3-hour digital timer. You will find an LCD display where the temperature is shown and you set your desired speed. Moreover, this induction burner comes with an auto-pan safety feature. This features provides error messages if something goes wrong. This features also ensure safety.
Super-Efficient Cooking with Two Ball Bearing Fan
EurKitchen Cooktop Burner uses 90% less power and energy than a normal or typical stove or gas or burner. Moreover, it can prepare your food 20 to 50 percent faster than normal. The cooktop surface helps to heat uniformly. Also, you will also find a double fan with ball bearing that will help you from getting overheat of the cooking surface. This ball bearing fan has a lifetime of 50,000 hours.
  • Energy-efficient cooking.
  • Easy controlling touch sensor buttons.
  • LCD display.
  • Error detection technology.
  • Auto-pan safety feature.
  • Double fan prevents overheating.
  • Ensures uniform heating to the cooking surface.
  • The temperature only goes higher. So if you want a medium or low heating you have to restart the burner again.


In conclusion, this EurKitchen Induction Burner can be a great choice for its efficient cooking and other safety feature. Though there seem some temperature related problems it can be fixed easily if you read the temperature manual guide properly. Considering all the facts and features it worth listing at our top 10 portable induction burner reviews lists.

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Duxtop 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Review

DUXTOP Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Duxtop 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner comes with a lightweight and compact design. Digital control panel with digital timer and ten power levels makes it one of the best portable induction burners in today’s market. Moreover, the auto-detection feature makes it a must induction burner to take a deep look at the other features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight Cooktop with Digital Control Panel
This Duxtop 8100MC Induction Burner is lightweight. So you can easily handle and store it anywhere you want because of its compact design. Moreover, this compact induction burner comes with digital control panel requiring 120 volts of a power supply and 15 amps of electricity to operate.
Count Down Timer and Multiple Power Level
This model of induction burner from Duxtop comes with a built-in digital timer. This timer allows 1 minute increments and increases up to 170 minutes. There you will also find 10 power levels with 10 temperature settings. These 10 power levels require voltage ranging from 200-1800 watts. The temperature ranges from 140 to 460-degree F.
Automatic Shut Down Feature with Auto-Pan Detection
This induction cooktop burner comes with auto-pan detection feature. That means if there is no cookware on top of the burner for 60 seconds it will turn off automatically. Moreover, it will also show error messages if something goes wrong by diagnosing and also warn you in high and low voltage.
Pot Compatibility
Induction compatible cookware is required for cooking on the cooktop burner. Generally, it is compatible with Duxtop and other ready cookware that allows induction burning. This induction burner also allows stainless steel and cast iron. But be assured the stainless steel cookware comes with magnetic bottom.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Ten power levels.
  • Ten temperature settings.
  • It requires low voltage.
  • Automatic shut down features.
  • Auto-pan detection feature.
  • Wide pot compatibility.
  • Simmering your food might be difficult with this induction burner as you will find poor temperature regulation.


Finally, though Duxtop induction burner has a poor temperature regulation if you can utilize the digital control panel and temperature adjustment properly then it won’t be a problem anymore. Considering all the features and benefits this induction burner is considered one of the best portable induction burners.

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Rosewill RHAI-15001 Induction Cooker Cooktop Review

Rosewill Electric Burner

Along with the power of magnetic field, this one is something unique that comes with convenience. The 24-hour timer and touch sensor panel enable easy as well as safe cooking for the user.

Features and Benefits

Features 5 Pre-programmed Settings to Offer Precision Cooking
There come 5 pre-programmed settings to make a delicious meal along with this great device. these 5 programs are a hot pot, fry, stir-fry, soup and warm milk. Through these 5, you can prepare the meal without any difficulty.
Offers Ultimate Durability through Crystal Polished Plate Surface
The ergonomic construction of this countertop induction cooker provides the best possible serviceability. Not to mention, the plate surface is of suitable A-grade crystal. Apart from that, the plate surface is polished to resist corrosion.
Includes a Large LED Display along with 4 Digits for Monitoring
You will get a comparatively larger screen with this device. the LED screen helps to observe as well as maintaining cooking condition. In addition, there are 4 digits to make the cooking easy and also, time-saving for anyone.
Comes with Temperature Adjustment Ranging from 150° up to 450°
Along with 8 adjustable temperature settings, it allows you to cook within a very short time. In fact, you can make an adjustment for quite a high temperature. The settings are available for 150°, 200°, 250°, 300°, 350°, 400°, 425° and 450°.
  • Commercial grade material construction offers superior durability and serviceability.
  • Resists corrosion and other possible physical defects through A grade crystal surface.
  • Features one larger LED screen to monitor and maintain the ongoing cooking process.
  • Includes 8 different temperature adjustments from 150° to 450° for precise cooking.
  • Provides great safety for the user along with the safety compliance of ETL or FCC. 
  • The pan may not give satisfactory service in certain cases.
  • Sometimes, overheating of food tends to take place.
  • The temperature may vary in the cooktop from the adjusted one. 


Although it may have some drawbacks in specific features, this holds good enough to deliver a great meal. Being suitable for indoor and outdoor usage, you can choose this to have a delicious meal.

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Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Nesco PIC-14 Portable Induction Burner

This portable induction burner comes with quality service and unique construction. Being portable, this one is highly suitable for indoor as well as outdoor cooking. Without any open flames or burning coils, this one is quite safe than the traditional ones.

Features and Benefits

Cooktop of 1500 Watt Requirement with 5 Different Power Settings
The suitable construction of this tool functions at 1500 watt to deliver sufficient induction. There are 5 different power levels for customization to serve the highest possible quality. And through them, you can have a rather fast cooking.
Requires Less Energy to Operate Saving 36% than Traditional Stoves
Along with the requirement of 1500W power for operation, this device offers precise heating. Moreover, it also heats quite fast to save sufficient amount of power. In fact, it can reduce the power consumption by 36% than usual stoves.
Delivers Greater Durability with Ferrous Metal Construction
The ergonomic construction of this cooktop offers the best possible serviceability. Not to mention, the cookware is made of suitable graded ferrous metal. Along with that, it can resist corrosion and other defects as well.
Provides Better Safety Provisions for the User with Suitable Features
Through super-fast heat transference, this cooktop almost cools down within a matter of moments. The combination of other included safety features ensures a rather favorable as well as safe condition to use.
  • Sturdy as well as lightweight construction to enable greater portability for this cooktop.
  • Provides faster as well as sufficient heating for the food than usual gas or electric stoves.
  • Allows instantaneous heat adjustment through the control panel with quick cooling.
  • Reduces cooking time along with energy consumption up to 36% with effectiveness.
  • Includes ceramic glass top to monitor the cooking process and to hold the food odor.
  • This one is suitable only for cookware that sticks to a magnet.
  • Heat setting is difficult to control avoiding too hot or cold condition.
  • The small-sized heating coils can’t distribute the heat uniformly.


For cookware that sticks to a magnet, this is a convenient one to prepare the meal of the day. You will enjoy optimum safety along with less electric bills through this elegant one.

Editor’s Pick

Considering all the measures and quality of a best portable induction burner our experts have elected the Secura 9100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner to be the best of the bests. Why they consider this induction burner as best among all?

The Secura Portable induction burner comes with 15 power level that helps to cook every kind of food. It also helps to boil, fry, grill, barbeque. Not only that it has 15 different temperature settings. These temperature settings allow keeping the food warm. You can simmer, high or provide low heat according to your needs. Moreover, this lightweight and compact cooktop burner are easy to handle and it’s well- engineered designed helps the burner to get fit in every corner of the house. The digital timer that is a built-in feature of this burner helps you to set a preferable time for cooking. Alongside, it features auto-pan detection technology. Also, it is empowered with error diagnostic message system. It also gives you warning when there is high or low voltage. Within a reasonable budget, this induction burner serves you everything. The top-notch quality makes it the best portable induction burner by our editor’s.

Buying Guideline

Choosing a gas or electric cooktop is so easy to buy from market. But whenever it comes to buy the best magnetic induction burner from the market it takes much effort to choose the best one. So before buying this cool gadget in the kitchen, you need to be aware of some measure that is completely explored and experienced by our experts and the excerpts are as follow:

Firstly, you should be aware of power levels of your induction cooktop. Minimum of 10 power level is recommended to cook most of the food. The power level of your induction burner should have 200 to 1800 watts’ voltage required to run safely. This power level is required to control the amount of heat for cooking different items perfectly.

Secondly, to avoid over burning and overheating there should be adjustable temperature settings. Having 140-430 degree Fahrenheit is recommended while buying an induction burner. If you don’t put the ideal temperature while cooking you will surely lose the taste of the food as well as nutrition. So for getting perfectly delicious foods, the induction burner should have a temperature control ability.

Thirdly, there should a built-in cooking timer with the induction burner. This automatic time feature should be ranging from 1 min increments and should go up to 170 minutes. It not only saves energy but also prevents you from having an accidental fire.

Fourthly, the induction burner should have an auto-pan detection facility. The auto-pan detection facility ensures less wastage of both energy and electricity. When there is no contact of pot with the burner for about 60 seconds the burner automatically turns off.

Finally, be assured that your induction burner comes with a wide range of pot compatibility.  The cookware or pot should have a ferrous bottom. Also, magnetic conducting cookware body is preferable. You should look for induction burner that also allows stainless steel and cast iron pot.

If you bear these simple tips in your mind it won’t be difficult for you to choose the best portable induction burner from the market. Needless to mention, you should be very much cautious of the cooktop and their power rates. Generally, higher power refers to fast cooking, but it will cost more. So choosing between 1000-1800W will be preferable depending on your budget.

Final Verdict

Overall, here we have tried you to provide the complete idea of what is portable induction burner, their best ones available in the market detailing the features and finally the ultimate buying guideline from our experts. To summarize the facts, within reasonable budget having a minimum number power levels, adjustable temperature setting, built-in digital timer, auto-pot detection and warning system and wide pot compatibility is best suited for you. From our review section, you get to know about the best portable induction burners that have all these features. Depending on your budget you can choose any of them and have delicious mouth-watering foods using environment-friendly kitchen gadget.

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